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A new wind farm or a construction project in the heart of the city? Every project requires a solid foundation. With a wide range of machines, Dieseko Group offers you a solution for a wide range of foundation issues. Onshore and offshore!

Machines and methods

Numerous methods and machines are available for placing foundation profiles or casting in situ. Dieseko Group is extensively specialised in drilling and pile driving rigs with rotary heads and piling hammers, vibratory hammers, pressurising machines and the innovative Resonator.

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Martijn Schols

Director Sales International

Marion van den Akker

Area Manager BeNeLux


Drilling, vibrating, piling and resonating concrete, steel, wooden or plastic profiles, or cast-in-situ construction of foundations.

As a global, leading producer, we are extremely driven to assist our customers with the effective and efficient execution of projects."