Limited vibrations

Controlling the frequency of vibrations is important for risk-mitigating when driving piles.
Controlling the frequency of vibrations is important for risk-mitigating when driving piles.

Low frequency, resonant vibrations, are a significant problem in many construction projects as they may cause damage to the surroundings. Typically pile driving methods that cause resonance must be avoided when working in:

  • Inner cities
  • Close to monumental buildings
  • Close to hospitals and research centers with vibration sensitive apparatus.
  • Along railway lines and metro
  • Along underground utility lines
  • In the chemical industry

Dieseko offers various high frequency but low-resonance, and even completely vibration free installation solutions. Our clients can take on work in the most demanding site locations without risking vibration damage.
Drilling solutions (including soil displacement) in which foundation piles are made in-situ
Pressing in which sheet piles are pressurised into the ground
Resonance technology operating on sonic and almost without vibration
Variable Moment / Resonance Free technology in which the run-up and shut-down vibrations are absent.

Introduction to Dieseko Group’s limited vibration solutions

Safe in urban areas and near vibration sensitive industry

Pressing machines – for delicate situations
The PVE pressing machine is a leader-guided static pressing solution used to press sheet piles into the ground. During operation, this machine does not generate any vibrations. As a result, the soil disturbance and the impact on the surroundings are negligible. Another perfect solution for your inner-city foundation project.

Variable Moment – Resonance Free Vibrating technology
When choosing our Variable Moment technology, our users reduce potentially harmful low frequency vibrations during the start-up and shut-down of the vibratory hammer. Thereby avoiding operating in the resonance frequency of nearby structures and utilities, avoiding inadvertently damaging them during vibratory pile driving. The technology is a proven safe choice for working close to existing buildings. The variable moment setting of the eccentric weights as well as the frequency of the hammers can both be regulated, allowing for controlled installation of the foundation elements. This allows the operator to drive the element efficiently and even increase the bearing capacity of the pile.

Resonance technology
The Resonator uses patented pulse technology. Due to its ultra-high frequency, foundation profiles are brought up to their natural frequency into a state of resonance. This makes the profile behave like a coiled spring that drives itself into the soil.

As a result of the lack of eccentric mass, this technology is completely vibration-free. The Resonator installs piles, pipes and sheet piles and can be used from a free-hanging, leader-guided or mobile-mounted crane.

Drilling solutions
Our wide range of drilling rigs is specially designed for high torque drilling methods like displacement drilling and big diameter CFA.

Woltman 90DR
Woltman 90DR

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