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Shallow dredging

We supply a wide range of submersible dredge pumps for specialised applications for contractors working in wet conditions. This includes pumping sand and sludge, but also emptying foundation pipes and draining water from construction pits.

Together with Bell Dredging Pumps, Dieseko Group also supplies dredging equipment. The submersible dredge pumps that we developed ourselves are of exceptional quality and can withstand the toughest conditions. With floating undercarriages for excavators and dredgers, we are happy to help with drainage, land reclamation and cleaning up surface water. Anywhere in the world.

Our field of expertise is focussed on amphibious excavators, cutter suction dredgers, heavy-duty dredge pumps, special dredge tools and process and production instrumentation. To extend the support to our customers worldwide, we raised the bar even higher by adding a complete rental fleet of heavy duty dredge pumps and amphibious excavators.


Our products offer a solution for every maritime or civil engineering challenge.


Dredging, pumping sand and sludge, draining construction pits, emptying foundation piles, cleaning up surface water.

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Leon van der Bel

Director Bell Dredging Pumps