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Ground improvement

The Netherlands is known for its long tradition of water containment and land reclamation, soil improvement and large infrastructure projects. Dieseko Group is involved in many projects. We therefore have a great deal of knowledge in-house when it comes to soil improvement.

We are happy to place our expertise at the service of our customers: after all, it is you who work on this type of project every day. For example, with the development of new land areas or the construction of a large traffic junction. In the Benelux, but also worldwide. With reliable machines and proven techniques, we facilitate you with soil compaction, drainage techniques or the installation of stone columns.

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Martijn Schols

Director Sales International

Marion van den Akker

Area Manager BeNeLux

Vibro Replacement

Vibro Replacement is a method of constructing densely compacted stone columns using a depth vibrator to densify the aggregate backfill and surrounding granular soil. The technology is used to treat clays, silts and mixed stratified soils and improve their load bearing, settlement characteristics, and to reduce seismic subsidence, reduce lateral spreading and liquefaction potential.


Dieseko Group supplies, among other things, hydraulically-driven Vibroflots. This allows you to compact and improve capacity and stability. Together with our specialists, and thanks to the modular structure, you can assemble your desired machine.


Compaction, drainage, replacement, stone columns, grout columns

The Dutch are experts in solving and overcoming maritime and civil challenges due to the centuries of struggle and battle to keep the Lowlands we live on protected and dry to the ever rising sea level."

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