Remote Support

Our remote support staff can assist you remotely.

You need a smart phone with internet access via 4G/5G or Wifi.
You need a second phone for talking to the support engineer.

Follow the description below to use our service. After finishing step 5 call the support engineer with the second phone. If only one phone is available, call a support engineer after completion of step 5 to discuss the options.

1. Download the IQANgo App


Download the required app by clicking on the one of the pictures above. This app only works on these operating systems.

2. Working with the IQANgo App

Open the IQANgo App by clicking on the app icon.

3. Press remote assistance

4. Select your machine and connect

5. Receive IQAN connect key and pass it to the support engineer

Pass the IQAN connectkey to the support engineer, this can be done verbally or by pressnig the envelope icon.
It allows you to send the connect key information through various media, such as: Email – WhatsApp – SMS

Preferable is to mail the code to:

If there are two phones available use the second phone to call a support engineer. Leave the app open on the first one. If only one phone is available, call a support engineer and discuss the options.

Contact SMR department

Dieseko Group Service Maintenance & Repair Department
Phone: +31 184 410333
This is the general number of Dieseko Group. The operator will put you through to the on duty support engineer
Outside office hours you will hear a message with mobile numbers of our support engineers



A brief introduction of the IQANgo App

IQANgo is a user-friendly service tool for the IQAN series of controllers and displays. It enables service technicians or machine owners to connect wireless to IQAN modules in their machines and perform actions such as check system status, view logs, measure in real-time, and change settings.

Connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, or the Internet to your IQAN system. All the data you see is live and in real-time.

Remote assistance
Use your smartphone as a “modem” to connect your machine to the Internet. This feature allows remote personnel to perform operations such as fault finding, software updates, configuration, calibration, and more, via the Internet.

System overview
IQANgo is a powerful troubleshooting tool. It features a system overview function, where you quickly find modue or I/O related alarms or errors. You can also change settings such as date/time or language, and view module information such as serial number, software version, and more.

View all logs (system, event, and statistical) and their content. There is a filter function that lets you find what you’re looking for fast and easy. And you can save or erase the content of a log when needed.

A powerful tool when you need to do more detailed troubleshooting, or just want to view the value on a specific input, output, or internal channel. All measured values are presented with their corresponding unit and status, or graphically in a line graph.

IQANgo has a unique function for adjusting inputs, outputs, and parameters in real-time. It is also possible to reset a setting to its factory default value if needed.

You can perform actions such as “Log in”, “Send to machine” or “Get from machine”. Send and get settings, clone, and project files.