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Woltman Foundation Rigs are famous in the Benelux. Since 2016, Woltman has been part of Dieseko Group. This well-respected brand, founded in the Netherlands, is ready to conquer the world. In the past a big part of the Woltman product range was marketed for the export under the brand name PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs. As of this moment all the rigs are branded as Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs. Tools like hydraulic hammers and rotary heads, are naturally still sold under the PVE name.

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Woltman is a specialist when it comes to foundation equipment. The state of the art Woltman Piling & Drilling rigs are sophisticated and yet easy to operate in restricted and urban surroundings. The rigs can be delivered in many different versions and if necessary customized to the customer’s needs. All machines have access to a powerful engine and hydraulic system. This makes it possible to power an impact- or vibratory hammer or rotary head directly by the system of the machine without the need of an additional power pack. Woltman primarily uses Caterpillar engines combined with Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics. In case more hydraulic power is required a power pack can be mounted on the rear side of the machine. Woltman offers a wide range of machines with leader lengths exceeding 50 meters. Most of the machines are specifically designed for the installation of raked piles.

Some of the drilling rigs can handle a torque up to 500 kNm and are designed for large diameter CFA and full displacement drilling. The winches are synchronized and a pull down system is part of the supply as well. The Woltman pull down system on the drilling rigs guarantees a higher efficiency. Some job reports show a positive difference of 30% compared to conventional machines. The larger drilling rigs are equipped with powerful Stage-V diesel engines to guarantee optimum performance in heavy soil conditions. PVE offers a wide range of rotary heads from 80 kNm up to 500 kNm. PVE also offers a wide range of hydraulic powered auger cleaners to make the CFA operations even more efficient.

The leaders of the piling rigs consist of a light weight construction and can handle a moderate torque up to 150 kNm.

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This is the new Woltman 90DRe fully electric Drilling Rig. It provides true benefits when bidding in foundation projects with the most stringent emission regulations.

Woltman Piling and Drilling Rigs BV is part of Dieseko Group BV. Dieseko Group BV is a global market leader in hydraulic vibro equipment and power packs for the foundation industry. Furthermore, the business offers a wide range of supplementary products and services via the brands PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment, Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs and ICE International Construction Equipment, such as piling rigs, drilling rigs, hydraulic impact hammers, resonators, vibroflots, dredging pumps, augers and measuring equipment. Dieseko Group provides high-tech solutions to clients in the global construction and offshore industries. Dieseko’s services include sale, rental, training, technical support, maintenance, renovation and repair.

Woltman and PVE are represented in a growing number of countries to optimize local support and service. Dieseko Group has own offices and yards in the USA, China, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and works with more than 60 dealers all around the world.