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Electric Hydraulic Power Unit range

This zero emission power unit povides a real USP when bidding in foundation projects with zero emission regulations.
This zero emission power unit povides a real USP when bidding in foundation projects with zero emission regulations.

Sustainable entrepreneurship requires new solutions. From the roadmap Founding the Future, Dieseko proudly presents a series of Electric Hydraulic Power Units after building thousands of combustion engine power packs. This allows you to power your (existing) hydraulic machines with zero emissions.

These Electric Hydraulic Power Units truly benefit when bidding on foundation projects with the most stringent emission regulations.




Types available


Electric motors

For maximum energy efficiency

11 reasons to choose Dieseko Group EHPUs

  • Zero-emission
  • Suitable for wide range of existing hydraulic equipment
  • Plug & Play after unloading
  • 96% high energy-efficiency asynchronous motors IE3
  • Sequenced startup with soft starters and low noise levels
  • Low hydraulic losses and an accurate hydraulic power control
  • Bypass oil filtration for longest life time
  • Standard power supply: 400V AC, 50 Hz and 440V AC, 60 Hz
  • Powerlock connection to grid, battery, or combined
  • Online monitoring & service
  • Minimized maintenance intervals
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Our EHPU range has been developed to achieve sustainability goals, along with the current hydraulic foundation equipment used in the market. Thanks to this multipurpose Electric Hydraulic Power Unit, contractors can work completely emission-free. The units are equipped with standardized air-cooled asynchronous motors and soft starters.

The current range:

  • 250e
  • 400e
  • 700e

Related topics:

New zero emission solution for Woltman Rigs

We’re in the process of developing the EHPU 1100e alongside Woltman and Gebr. van ‘t Hek, which will allow for foundation machines to produce no emissions. With our newly developed Electric-Hydraulic Power Unit, you can operate the Woltman Piling- & Drilling Rigs using only electric power. Furthermore, the EHPU stand-alone can power vibratory hammers (with a PVE up to 35VM/ICE36RF) and impact hammers with a weight of up to 28 tons. This summer, two EHPU 1100e’s will be delivered to Gebr. van ‘t Hek, cracking the code on completely emission-free foundation techniques. A remarkable innovation of which we are all very proud!


Our EHPUs drive hydraulic equipment e.g.:

  • Vibratory Hammers
  • Impact Hammers
  • Vibroflots
  • (Dredge) Pumps
  • Winches
  • Augers
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Range of modular, full-option electric-hydraulic power units according to high Dieseko Standard

  • Suitable for various hydraulic tools, e.g., vibratory hammers, impact hammers, rotary heads, dredge pumps, etc.
  • Accurate hydraulic power control by adjustable piston pumps.
  • Low hydraulic losses due to optimized hydraulic design & components.
  • Bypass oil filtration for extended life of oil and components.
  • Powerlock grid connection, battery connection or combined. Standard power supply: 400 V AC, 50 Hz & 440 V AC, 60 Hz.
  • No power peaks due to soft-starters and sequenced start-up
Vibratorry Hammer combinations
PVE Vibratory Hammer
8VM, 12VM
20VM, 24VM, 28VM, 55M
ICE Vibratory Hammer
8RF, 12VM
15RF, 1423C, 416L, 32NF
20RF, 24RF, 28RF, 815D, 55NF

Standard suitable for a wide range of vibratory hammers, impact hammers, rotary heads, and dredging pumps. When two EHPUs are coupled, you double the capacity. Two 700e EHPUs can than drive a PVE 50VM/ICE 50RF.

Dieseko Electric Hydraulic Power Units

Download the EHPU specifications


EHPU: future proof

Easy to use

  • Plug & play
  • Online monitoring & service
  • Minimized maintenance intervals due high reliable electric motors and fewer spare parts
Electric Hydraulic power pack
PM-HPP motor

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