Certified pile lifting device for piles up to 80 tonnes

Pile Lifting Device PLD100T

The Pile Lifting Device (PLD) is a certified tool which lifts and aligns the pile into the tube clamps.
The Pile Lifting Device (PLD) is a certified tool which lifts and aligns the pile into the tube clamps.

The PLD is mounted to the Vibratory Hammer’s suppressor house and connected to the pile by two chains. The Vibratory Hammer is pushed down by a hydraulic cylinder and the clamps are placed precisely around the tube. This process only takes about 1 minute. The operator can adjust the speed according to needs. This system significantly improves the efficiency of pile installation.

Power Packs can be equipped with a hydraulic function, which controls the PLD.

0 t

Max. pile weight

0 t

Max. Vibratory hammer weight

0 mm

Max pile diameter

Main features of the PLD100T

  • The PLD is mounted on the suppressor housing
  • The pile is connected to the PLD via a chain
  • The pile is lifted into the clamps by cylinders
  • Automatically clamp alignment
  • The PLD is suitable for a wide range of Vibratory Hammers
  • Even with very long pipe piles
  • The PLD has a linepull of 105500 kg
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Working principle


  1. Hook up the pile while it is laying on the ground with shackles connected to a hole in the pile.
  2. Upend the pile to a vertical position.
  3. Lower the vibratory hammer onto the pile by sending out the cylinders.
  4. Clamp the clamps onto the pile
  5. Rise the PLD together with the vibratory hammer by retracting the cylinders. Chains/slings will lose its tension.
  6. Drive the pile into the soil.
  7. Unhook the pile.


Weight Pile Lifting Device
4150 kg
Max. weight connectors depending on Vibratory Hammer *)
1350 kg
Maximum pile weight
80000 kg
Minimum pile diameter *)
1000 mm
Maximum stroke cylinder
1960 mm
Maximum working pressure
320 bar
Maximum linepull
105500 kg
*) exact value depending on the Vibratory Hammer, Tube Clamps and spacer set-up

Applicable on a wide range of Vibratory Hammers

ICE Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammers
815D, 55NF, 82NF, 1412C & 130NF
ICE Resonance Free Vibratory Hammers
24RF, 28RF, 32RF, 35RF, 40RF, 50RF & 70RF
PVE Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammers
55M, 82M, 110M & 130M
PVE Vibratory Hammers with Variable Moment
24VM, 28VM, 32VM, 35VM, 40VM, 50VM & 70VM

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