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Due to their robust design, ICE's wide range of Vibratory Hammers can be used for onshore, harbour and offshore projects. The fixed eccentric moment types of hammers are a perfect fit for less vibration sensitive, heavy-duty jobs. The resonance-free types of hammers are safe for use in urban areas. ICE Vibratory Hammers are known for their reliability and power, especially when paired with an ICE Power Pack. These sets have been carefully engineered to match each other to ensure optimal performance.

ICE: the standard worldwide

Over the past 45 years, thousands of Vibratory Hammers have been used all over the world and the brand has a number of iconic types to its name. ICE (International Construction Equipment) was founded in 1977 as an import company for American ICE machines. However, already in 1979, the first ICE machines were produced in the Netherlands. Independent of ICE Inc., and with better quality than the USA vibratory hammers, the world was then open to the Dutch ICE. In 2008, ICE became part of Dieseko Group.

ICE equipment has really been further developed and is known for its reliability and durability. Extensive standardisation has taken place in recent decades, which means that maintenance and the replacement of parts is a routine job for many users. And that is precisely the idea for which the ICE equipment was developed. An extremely reliable “standard” piece of equipment, with a short delivery time and able to be maintained in the field. And with a worldwide dealer network, you have the guarantee of warranty, savings and service everywhere.


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ICE 815C Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammer

Over the years more than 600 815C hammers have been produced !

The “815” is a household name and is the world’s best-selling Vibratory Hammer.
We are confident the improved successor 815D will have a bright future.

ICE Vibratory Hammers are extremely reliable “standard” pieces of equipment, with a short delivery time and designed so they can be serviced and maintained in the field. The hydraulic Power Packs are all built on the same principle and with premium parts. The construction of the skid begins with the fuel tank. With a bottom that is enclosed, the CAT or Volvo engines and pumps are protected from the elements. And with louvres that also muffle sound and an easily accessible engine compartment, this is a power pack as it should be.

ICE’s extensive range of excavator mounted hammers is also world-famous. High frequency, resonance-free and with a swivel head, this is the most agile piece of equipment we offer. So every contractor can also use ICE vibration technology in limited height circumstances.