Noise Reduction

The construction market requires solutions for noise nuisance in the city and on the construction site.

The construction market requires solutions for noise nuisance in the city and on the construction site.

Mastering piling noise

The construction market requires solutions for noise nuisance in the city and on the construction site. Noise no longer has to be an issue during sheet pile installation. Dieseko has focused on two sources for the development of noise-reducing solutions.

Acoustic Louvres for Power Pack

The first sound source is the Power Pack, for which specially prepared acoustic louvres have been developed that can dampen the noise up to -9 dB. The sound is muted by smart geometry and rock wool. A simple and efficient way to reduce the volume of noise by more than 70%.

Noise reduction during Vibro-installation

Another sound source is the pile or casing during vibro-installation. With a newly developed mobile Noise Reduction Screen (NRS) around the profile, mounted to the Vibratory Hammer, the environment can be protected against noise pollution by lowering and raising foldable panels. The damping value is -/-7.5 dB at a 1-meter distance, which means a noise reduction of approximately 80%.

The result of -7,5 dB damping is a noise reduction of 80%

Noise Reduction Screen (NRS)

The Noise Reduction Screen is a Dieseko Group Innovation. We offer a foldable, mobile solution applicable for vibratory hammers driving tubes and sheet piles, which enables our clients to continue working despite noise restrictions.

Watch here some footage of the test:

Last year we achieved a top 3 position in the Industry Innovations category of the 2020 VDBUM Förderpreis (Innovation Awards) for the Noise Reduction Screen.

This Noise Reduction Screen can significantly reduce noise pollution on the construction site. It is one of our solutions in the field of emission and sustainability. We are now fine-tuning the technical concept and, constructing and testing a prototype with a height of approx. 21,0m.

Noise Reduction Screen (NRS) Specifications
Max. Flow / Pressure
150 L/min / 145 bar
Dimensions (H x L x W)
2,6 x 4 x 3 m (retr.) - 20,8 x 3 x 2 m (ext.)
Internal dimensions
2,6 x 1,6 m
Total weight (20,8m screen)
5800 kg
Weigth lifting frame
1640 kg
Weight screen (20,8m screen)
4160 kg
Max. traveling speed
0,5 m/s
Leveling principle
Self aligning with hydraulic flow divider
Noise reduction at 2m (measured on 24VM)
-6,3 to -7,5 dB
Noise level at 2m (measured on 24 VM)
85 dB
Galvanised steel frames Aluminium panels Polyurethane isolation
Sound mitigation screen

More information about this innovation

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General specifications

Sound mitigation screen

Sound Mitigation Screen


Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvres



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