Sound Mitigation Screen

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Features Sound Mitigation Screen

  • Noise reduction up to -7,5dB (both source and profile)
  • Improve your health and safety performance
  • Adjustable for wide range of hammer types
  • Possibility of one open side
  • Hydraulic leveling synchronization with integrated screen-winches
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About Sound Mitigation Screen

The construction market requires solutions for noise nuisance in the city and on the construction site. Noise no longer has to be an issue during sheet pile installation. Dieseko has focused on equipment sound sources for the development of sound-reducing solutions.

Noise reduction during Vibro-installation

Another sound source is the pile or casing during vibro-installation. With a newly developed mobile noise barrier frame around the profile, mounted to the Vibratory Hammer, the environment can be protected against noise pollution by lowering and raising foldable panels. The damping value is -/-7.5 dB at 1 meter distance, which means a noise reduction of approximately 80%.

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