Resonance technology

When almost zero vibrations are a must
When almost zero vibrations are a must

Dieseko Group introduced game-changing resonance technology in 2016. As an almost zero-vibration, sonic-frequency foundation machine, the Resonator heralds a whole new era for piling in the city and sensitive areas. PVE is continuously improving this technology and, the world’s biggest Resonator ever was introduced, the PVE RD430, at Bauma 2019

Are you searching for a foundation technique for working in a built-up area or near very vibration-sensitive installations? Dieseko Group is the exclusive supplier of resonance technology and offers the Resonator for genuinely vibration-free profiles.

Because the working principle is without harmful vibrations, the Resonator is suitable for use in a city centre, near railways, monuments and vulnerable buildings. This technology can also be used safely in the immediate vicinity of industrial installations, chemical plants and, for example, hospitals.



to the surroundings



in our rental fleet

0 Hz

is the maximum frequency of the resonator

5 reasons to choose a resonator

  • Unique technology working without eccentric mass
  • Absence of measured ground-borne vibration during driving
  • Light and compact construction
  • High production speeds because of rapid insertion
  • Suitable for even the smallest pile sizes
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The Resonator uses patented pulse technology. Due to its high frequency, profiles are brought up to their natural frequency, which makes them behave like a coiled spring and drive themselves into the soil. Due to the lack of eccentric mass, this technology is completely vibration-free. The Resonator installs piles, pipes and sheet piles and can be used as a free-hanging, leader-guided or mobile-mounted crane.

Not a vibratory hammer
Vibratory hammers have been manufactured since the 1930’s and, since then, they have evolved in just a few steps to the current models. From electric to hydraulic hammers, from low-frequency to high-frequency hammers and from fixed to variable moment hammers. And now, with the introduction of the resonance technique, it’s time for a new step. The Resonance Driver can no longer be called a vibratory hammer, because it no longer works on the basis of eccentric mass. The resonance technique is a cylindrical principle operating at a very high frequency from 100 to 180Hz (6000 to 10,000 rpm), the so-called ‘resonance’.

Compared with this new resonance technique, a great deal of the energy produced by the current generation of vibratory hammers is lost. This happens because a relevant percentage of the energy generated is used to make the soil move during the vibratory process. And that is something that a Resonance Driver doesn’t do. So, there is no loss of energy, and none of the energy from the vibrations is lost to the surroundings.


  • Urban areas and vibration sensitive projects
  • The ideal tool for safe working adjacent to heritage structures, transportation links or major utilities
  • Suitable for most soil types
  • Pile driving and pile drilling options
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Woltman 55DR
Woltman 50PR-FF

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The principle

The Resonator has a high frequency piston cylinder arrangement, that operates at between 100 and 180 Hz (6000 to 10000 rpm) and has no eccentric mass. The sonic frequency causes the steel to resonate, which makes the pile act like a spring that drives itself, without any vibration.
The resonance technique is efficient because it transfers all of the energy to the end of the steel sheet pile, pipe or H-beam. This generates enormous g-forces from 100 to 200 g! By way of comparison: A conventional vibratory hammer generates approximately 9 g.


A sustainable new application for sensitive areas where heavy equipment is not allowed is de combination of a soil-displacing drilling technique and the resonator.

With this technique anchor piles and small diameter piles (lost bit) can be installed controlled and vibration-free to a great depth. With only a very small torque, and without water-jetting.

The PVE Resonator is the latest development in foundation technology. Profiles, anchors and micropiles are driven in the soil, not on the basis of eccentric mass, but by means of pulse technology.


The RD 260 and the RD 430 are both in our rental fleet. If you rent the resonator, it will be operated by trained mechanics of our Resonator team.

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