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Power Packs

Standard range and customised hydraulic Power Packs
Standard range and customised hydraulic Power Packs

In 1974, Dieseko started the development and manufacturing of Power Packs. Dieseko Group offers the very highest quality as standard. After delivering thousands of powerpacks, Dieseko is perfectly placed to know how high-quality and robust powerpacks should be built. And nowadays we also build powerful, electrically driven power units for zero-emission use.


Electric Hydraulic Power Unit range

This unique zero emission power unit povides a real USP when bidding in foundation projects with zero emission regulations.

Electric Hydraulic Power Units

The CE-standard is accompanied by strict safety and noise-related requirements, which are, of course, met by all Dieseko powerpacks. DNV certification is implemented in the offshore industry for e.g. lifting points. The characteristics are primarily considerable Hydraulic Power in terms of oil pressure (up to 350 bar), a high output in terms of litres and an open loop system.

The power packs have been developed to meet changing environmental legislation; noise and emissions are reduced by software and technical adaptations. By using i-Timer stop-start intelligence and AdBlue technology, this can be further reduced by you as a user. The intelligent iQan management assures a reliable performance and the interface is available in 12 (!) languages. The power packs are driven by superb A-brand motors and pumps and meet Tier 2 to durable Stage/Tier 4 Final/Stage-V regulation


Reduced pollutants and NOx

Meet the highest emission standard with Stage-V engines


Fuel savings

Use our i-Timer stop-start system to avoid idling.



Choose our Electric Hydraulic Power Units

7 reasons to choose Dieseko Group Power Packs

  • Powerful & suitable for multiple hydraulic equipment
  • Easy & safe to use with different controls
  • Standard ambient temperature -10°- +35°C
  • Optimized hydraulic system with proven A-brand components
  • Robust frame construction & noise insulation
  • Remote acces & remote assistance
  • Intelligent operating iQAN system
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Standard Range Hydraulic Power Packs

Dieseko supplies an extensive range of Power Packs under the PVE and ICE brands. All based on our highest quality standard with A-brand components. The range varies from 200 to 3200 L/m at 320 bar working pressure. We prefer to supply engines in the lowest-emission class, Stage-V.

The iQan system is the heart of the machine and ensures easy and safe operation. In addition, the electronic part can be adjusted and monitored remotely so that you as a user can expect a high level of uptime and performance.

Electric Hydraulic Power Units

Dieseko Group offers zero-emission Electric Hydraulic Power Packs built with Permanent Magnet Motors. Due to their high efficiency, the absence of emissions, the low noise and the saving of energy a Permanent Magnet Motor makes a big difference compared to induction motors and combustion engines.

E-solutions are of great importance for the execution of our sustainability strategy. We invite our valued existing and new clients to experience this journey together with us. Dieseko Group will produced its first emission-free foundation equipment in 2022.

Construction based on customer specifications

Dieseko is known for designing tailor-made Power Packs for specific purposes for construction activities, the offshore sector, drilling rigs, shipping, heavy transport and dredging. This involves using all the company’s knowledge and experiences. Focus is always placed on the needs of the client, and ideas or preferences can always be the catalyst for a completely new powerpack. Dieseko is also able to customise its own series of Power Packs.

OEM Productions

Dieseko also produces to your specifications and under your label. With these OEM Hydraulic Power Units, we offer you our expertise and top-of-the-line products for your own use or for sale under your brand.

Operational certainty

Dieseko is able to offer maximum support thanks to remote access, its worldwide network and 24/7 service. This also applies to spare parts, which are available from stock and can be delivered on-location within 24 hours.

Multi-purpose usage

Obviously you can drive other hydraulic equipment such as the Impact Hammers, winches and pumps.


Our power packs drive:

  • Vibratory Hammers
  • Impact Hammers
  • Vibroflots
  • (Dredge) Pumps
  • Winches
  • Augers
  • Cranes
  • SPMT’s
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PVE 1600 Stage-V
PVE 1000PP

Sustainable savings wit i-Timer Stop-Start system

The i-Timer is one of our solutions to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions (NOx) of the hydraulic power packs. It takes the cleanliness of the engines one step further to a significant reduction of the carbon footprint. The i-Timer automatically shuts down the engine to avoid idling. Intelligent control of the engine is the simple and effective way to save!

  • Reduces running time of the powerpack up to 75%.
  • Reduces NOx emissions.
  • Reduces annual costs
  • Fuel savings up to 35%
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In collaboration with the manufacturers of the diesel engines used in the hydraulic powerpacks the R&D department has found a reliable solution to start and stop the engines. It has been integrated in the iQAN system for optimal regulation. The engine will shut down automatically, restarting the engine occurs manually (by remote control).

Before safely turning off the engine, processes need to be stopped or paused safely as well. Special modifications have been made to achieve this. The hydraulic pressure always remains throughout the system to secure for instance external clamping systems.

Smart, durable & decreased ecosystem impact
A hydraulic Power Pack runs approximately 4:1, which means only one of four hours the Power Pack is running to its full capacity. By shutting down the engine, three hours of idle time will be saved. Fuel savings will be up to 35%! Thanks to this innovation the running time can be reduced to up to 75% and it will extend the maintenance interval up to 4 times! This also means less replacement of wear and tear parts, transport and maintenance hours. The i-Timer contributes to a substantial longer economic life with lower annual costs.

Aftermarket options.
The i-Timer can also be installed on previous or existing models of Power Packs. Especially then a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 75% is possible! Only pre-installation of the iQAN system is required. Dieseko Group can provide you of further information.

Dieseko hydraulic power packs

Customized hydraulic power packs made in Sliedrecht. Personal ideas or specific preferences can be the catalyst for a tailor made power pack.

Emission standards

All power packs are driven by superb A-brand motors and pumps and meet Tier 2 to durable Stage/Tier 4 Final/Stage-V regulations

We have several solutions for further preservation of flora and fauna. To avoid leaking oil the power pack is equipped with a fluid-sealed bottom. Noise reduction and emission are important topics. Stop-start intelligence and AdBlue technology can be adopted. Your regulations challenge our engineers.

Remote services

Perform reliably at -50°C with Arctic Kit

Dieseko Power packs can be adapted for extreme conditions as arctic situations or desert conditions with scorching heat. For arctic temperatures the design of this high-tech power packs incorporates insulation, heating and cooling to produce the same reliable performance!

The Arctic Kit can be added to every Power Pack in the Dieseko Group range.

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