Arctic Kit for Power Pack

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Features Arctic Kit for Power Pack

  • Insulated hydraulic oil tank.
  • Insulated panels in front of air in and outlet louvres.
  • Air heater with thermostat and air hoses for heating of motor oil, diesel and motor oil filters and the oil cooler area.
  • Battery charger and battery heater.
  • Heaters for the control unit.
  • Heaters in the hydraulic oil tank.
  • Diesel engine coolant heater.
  • Electronically controlled fan on diesel engine Volvo.
  • Heated fuel line.
  • Volvo air inlet preheater or CAT ether start depending on engine
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About Arctic Kit for Power Pack

Dieseko Group manufactures power packs for arctic applications (-50°C ), equipped with our Arctic Kit. The power packs have been developed for customers who work under severe weather conditions.

The outdoor temperature range varies from -50°C to +40°C. Depending on the ambient temperature, especially insulated panels can be fixed in different positions for the inlet louvres or can easily be removed.

This Arctic Kit can be added to every Power Pack in the Dieseko Group range.

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