500MU installs anchor pile in Portugal

Dieseko recently performed another Offshore project. We deployed our 500MU to Portugal to install a unique UMACK anchor that can be used for different sectors such as wave & tidal energy, floating wind and aquaculture. The innovative UMACK technology represents a geotechnical breakthrough that allows 4-5 times higher vertical load capacity than a standard monopile of the same size.

Today (22-09-2022) CorPower Ocean published a great video about this project. View it on liked-in

Dieseko is proud to be part of this prestigious project. Renewable energy foundations are an essential pillar of our strategy for a sustainable future, and this massive PVE 500MU Upending Vibro is one of our innovative solutions. We wish CorPower Ocean every success with its mission to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves.


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Anchor piles

Anchor piles are the mooring solution for floating renewable devices. Anchor piles transfer high loads in multiple directions and are ideally suited for anchoring floating devices. This allows mooring of various floating structures, such as Semi-Subs, SPAR’s, FPSO’s and TLP’s.

Dieseko Group Equipment

The vibratory hammer used for installing the test anchor was the recently developed 500MU upending vibratory hammer. This 500 kgm excentric moment vibratory hammer needs an oil flow of 3200 l/min. Therefore it was accompanied by 2 PVE 1600 Power Packs. In addition, a fully electric EP120 Power Pack is used for the clamping pressure and the upending-tool.

Facility of CorPower in port of Viana do Castelo
PVE 500MU 2x 1600 & 120EP
Maersk Achiever
UMACK anchor
38 meter

Inspired by the pumping principle of the human heart CorPower developed it’s Ocean Wave Energy Converters


Download the PVE 500MU specifications


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