Hydraulic Power Packs

In 1974, Dieseko began the development and construction of Power Packs. Our hydraulic power packs are the best solution when you need additional power to drive a hydraulic vibratory hammer or other heavy equipment applications.

Their characteristics are primarily considerable hydraulic power in terms of oil pressure (up to 350 bar), a high output in terms of litres and an open loop system.

The power packs have been developed to meet changing environmental legislation; noise and emissions are greatly reduced by software and technical adaptations. By using stop-start intelligence and AdBlue technology, this can be further reduced by you as a user.

Tier4F / Stage 5

Our product line of Power Packs with engines according to the latest emission requirements ranges from 150 to 1600 l/min. With several Volvo and Cat engines we meet the highest standards. In addition to these technical specs we can optimize the sustainability performance with a Visco fan, acoustic louvres for noise reduction and a Condition Monitoring System.



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Martijn Schols

Director Sales International

Our latest innovations:

Customizing – OEM

On-demand, we customize your Power Pack. Adjustments can vary in terms of dimensions to applying the graphics your house style or the application of specialised motors and pumps. A more advanced step is Dieseko Group OEM production for suppliers of hydraulic equipment.

Driving other equipment

The power packs can drive a wide variety of hydraulic equipment:

The Dieseko Group specialists can recommend a suitable power pack for your special application.


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