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Pressing Machines

For delicate situations
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Absolutely zero vibrations. Our pressing machine is designed for static pressurising of sheet pile sections up to 4 sheets wide. The machines are driven by the piling rig or by means of a separate Power Pack. With this, we offer a unique, completely vibration-free solution that you can deploy up to half a meter from existing buildings or right next to a vulnerable dyke.

The PVE pressing machine is a leader-guided pressurizing solution used to press sheet piles into the ground. During operation, this machine does not generate any vibrations. As a result, the soil disturbance and the impact on the surroundings are negligible. Another perfect solution for your inner-city foundation project.



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8 reasons to choose a pressing machine

  • Easy handling by only two operators
  • Zero vibrations; no harm to surroundings
  • Low-noise levels compared to other foundation techniques
  • Adjustable to press almost every U- and Z- type of sheet piles
  • Ballasted start-up equipment is not required
  • for single and paired sheet piles
  • Installing of coated sheet piles
  • Excellent quality
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The pressing machines are leader guided, a firm piling rig is required and they enable piles to be installed and extracted in highly sensitive locations.The main principle is the use of the four hydraulic cylinders that push the sheet into the soil. The piling rig or an additional Power Pack provides oil pressure. The four independently working cylinders are equipped with clamps holding the same number of sheet pile sections. Pressurising one sheet pile section alternates the contact to the other sections. Pre-drilling or fluidising will assist when installing in extremely hard ground.

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  • Urban areas and vibration sensitive projects
  • Safe working close to existing buildings, under¬†structures, railways etc.
  • Suitable for nearly all soil types
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Dike reinforcement with PVE 4240 pressing machine driving sheet piles at 70 cm distance of the houses in Nieuw-Beijerland, the Netherlands.