Woltman 90DRe in E-Mobility Engineering magazine

Peter Donaldson of the magazine E-Mobility Engineering interviewed Herman Legtenberg Director Technology & Engineering of Dieseko Group. This resulted in a detailed story on how this zero-emissions version of a diesel piling rig has been developed to give construction a more eco-friendly reputation.

Driving piles into the ground has been a crucial task in building for decades. Whether they’re made from timber, reinforced concrete, steel or aluminium – and whether in column or sheet form – they help to stabilise the ground and make it more able to support heavy structures. Against that backdrop, Dutch construction equipment manufacturer Dieseko has recently introduced an electrified version of its 90 t Woltman 90DR pile-drilling and driving rig, replacing its diesel engine and fuel system with an electric powertrain to create the 90DRe. It completed its first zero-emissions job at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport in February this year, in the hands of launch customer BAM Infra Netherlands.

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