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Steel foundations in Shanghai

In 2004, Bund 22 was listed as an immovable cultural relic in Huangpu District and the fourth batch of Outstanding historical buildings in Shanghai. Despite restorations this iconic building (1906) was in a bad condition and had to be rebuilt partly.

The photos and videos show the foundation construction work on the new site. As the Tunnel Boring Machine is getting ready to move in for the construction of metro line 14, construction needed to be done either before the tunnel boring started, or after it was concluded. In both scenario’s this called for steel foundations installed with RF technology. In the first scenario because it the quickest way to get the foundation done, and in the latter case because resonance free piling is proven not to impact the integrity of nearby metro tunnels.

This is one of the first times that steel foundations were chosen for a real estate development. To date this foundation type has been popular mostly for Shanghai’s elevated highway projects. Using steel foundations instead of bored piles means that no trucks transporting excavated soil, bentonite and concrete will have to drive down Shanghai’s Bund riverfront. The integrity of the pile foundation is also unquestioned, the three 18m sections of pile welded together are of guaranteed quality. In total 91 foundations piles will be driven.

The client chose 700mm diameter 54m long steel casings for the foundation. The job is carried out by 1 set of ICE 70RF resonance free hammer, one crawler crane, a mobile crane to help with lifting, and one excavator for odd jobs. The job was commissioned by Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co. LTD and carried out by Shanghai Construction Group No.2, the foundation work was sub-contracted by Shanghai Greenland Group.

The ICE 70RF hammer is powered by a 1130kW power pack, ensuring the hammer operates at full spec. The client has added a Pile Lifting Device to optimize the pile handling process, allowing for high daily production rates.