A First for BAM: electric Woltman 90DR-e

Woltman goes electric! Battery technology has now reached the point where Woltman’s mighty machines can also be powered electrically. BAM Infra is the first to do so and has signed up for the delivery of a 90DR-e Drilling Rig

Environmental impact and sustainability are at the top of Dieseko Group’s strategy. Therefore, we focus on optimizing high-impact issues such as harmful vibrations, noise and emissions of our machines. Zero-emission is perhaps the most crucial step. Dieseko is enormously proud to be developing this electrically powered machine for BAM Infra.



“The greatest challenge in our market is the amount of power that is needed for a full day of operation. The amount of power consumed is enormous, and the required battery capacity is comparable to that of around twenty Tesla cars. Therefore, in the short term, the available power supply on the construction site will be crucial,” says Ronald IJntema, CCO of Dieseko Group.

logo Woltman DRe

Woltman 90DR-e

The 90DR is the best-selling Woltman Drilling Rig. This electric 90DR-e offers the same functionalities as an original 90DR Drilling Rig. As a result, it is also possible to attach an Impact Hammer and a Vibratory Hammer in addition to a Rotary Head. The machine can then drill and drive piles.
The 90DR-e weighs about 105 tonnes and measures about 5 x 11m, including the battery pack. The leader’s height is 36,0 m, and the highest profile length is 33,0m. The total battery capacity is over one megawatt hour, and the used power of the crane is about 600kW.


Over the past months BAM Infra and Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs have worked closely together to develop this first 90 DR-e. The electric BAM-Woltman 90DR-e is being built in Giessenburg and will be delivered at the end of 2022.

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