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for pile drilling

Every project is unique and has its own foundation requirements. Several vibration free drilled pile systems are available in the market. For this reason PVE offers a wide range of rotary heads suitable for traditional drilled piling systems like Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles up to state of the art drilled cast-in-situ soil displacement piles.

PVE manufactures rotary heads for easy drilling applications with a torque starting at 3 kNm which can be suitable for pre-drilling activities prior to (sheet) pile driving. The PVE range of rotary heads varies up to high torque rotary heads with a torque up to 500 kNm which makes the rotary heads excellent for drilled soil displacement piles and large diameter CFA piles. The maximum pile length normally depends on the leader length of the drilling rig. With the unique PVE pile clamping system longer pile lengths are possible by leading the casing through the rotary head.



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6 reasons to choose a rotary head

  • Wide range of PVE rotary heads for every job
  • PVE rotary heads are suitable for multiple piling systems
  • High quality resulting in cost efficient pile drilling
  • Designed to perform pile drilling close to adjacent building
  • Long pile lengths are possible with pile casing clamping system
  • Safe CFA drilling with auger cleaner
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Experience the advantage of the PVE Rotary Heads

PVE rotary heads are designed to drill with variable speed and are assembled with A-brand components. The ingenious design enables a very close working distance to adjacent buildings. The heaviest rotary head, with a torque capacity of 500 kNm, will drill casings through dense soil layers ensuring a smooth and efficient piling operation.

The performance of drilled soil displacement piles requires high torque rotary heads. For CFA piling rotary heads with torque values up to
250 kNm are usually sufficient. For the CFA piles application PVE developed a range of auger cleaners. The PVE auger cleaners are powered hydraulically and have been designed with the knowledge of many years of field experience. Auger cleaners remove extracted soil during drilling ensuring a safe work environment. The PVE auger cleaners can be assembled in such a way that they are able to guide the drilling auger on the right pile position.


  • Continious Flight Auger (CFA) drilling
  • Semi displacement drilling
  • Displacement drilling
  • Double rotary drilling

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Complete range for every challenge

With a complete range of rotary heads PVE offers a solution for several drilled pile systems. From small compact rotary heads suitable for pre-drilling and CFA piles up to large high torque rotary heads for large diameter CFA piles and of course drilled soil displacement piles. In case your drilling rig needs more power to perform pile drilling, PVE manufactures and supplies power packs which are very suitable to power hydraulic rotary heads, when the power and hydraulic system of the drilling rig are not sufficient.

For CFA drilling PVE rotary heads are often combined with auger cleaners. The auger cleaners ensure a safe working area for the piling crew on site. The auger cleaner also guides the auger in to the soil which contributes to the pile position accuracy.

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