PVE 110M

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Features PVE 110M

  • Suitable for mounting a range of different clamping systems
  • Forced lubrication cooling system
  • High quality product
  • Suitable for heavy duty pile driving


Free Hanging (lattice boom crane)


UrbanRuralRiver/CanalHarbour / Near ShoreOffshore

Suitable piling profiles

Sheet pilesConcrete sheet pilesPlastic sheet pilesH & I beamsTubes
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Alternative Products

Eccentric Moment

Max. Centrifugal Force

Max. Frequency

Suitable piling profiles

PVE 110M

Eccentric Moment110 kgm

Max. Centrifugal Force2198 kN

Max. Frequency1350 rpm

Private: PVE 110MC

Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 110 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 2300 kN

Max. Frequency 1380 rpm

PVE 130M

Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 130 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 2794 kN

Max. Frequency 1400 rpm

PVE 150M

Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 150 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 3224 kN

Max. Frequency 1400 rpm

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