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Features ICE 8SG

  • Limited number of moving parts
  • Efficient load transfer
  • One solution; many applications
  • Based on proven and extremely reliable Dieseko technology
  • Max. pressure in excavator 10 bar


Excavator Mounted



Suitable piling profiles

Sheet pilesConcrete sheet pilesPlastic sheet pilesH & I beams
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About ICE 8SG

Dieseko Group’s ICE builds hundreds of hydraulic vibratory hammers every year. Experienced and dedicated engineers are developing these hammers. Also users and clients are involved in the development process for finding the best solutions. Now these engineers developped a simple, rigid and extremely reliable side gripper. With this excavator mounted type vibratory hammer you will work fast and efficient and with less staff. Even without a telescopic leader now you can drive the longest profiles with the newly designed side grip.

Our unique design:

Linear clamping movement

Results in less moving/wear parts as well as efficient clamping load transfer (cylinder force = clamping force). Less wear and tear parts, low maintenance costs, less downtime.

Multi directional elastomers

Elastomers are placed in multi directions giving better stability while operating the machine. This design also guarantees less stress on parts and construction.

Rigid centrifugal force load transfer

The centrifugal force load and clamp movement load is completely separated. Centrifugal forces are taken by the rigid structures (Gearbox, cylinder housings, clamping arms), while the clamping forces are taken by the cylinder rods.

Clamp claw exchange

Exchanging clamp claw configuration without changing the clamp arms for gripping sheet piles, casings up to ø 550 mm and H-beams up to H500.

Other benefits

  • Protected hose routes: main hydraulic hoses inside the suspension yoke
  • Unlimited 360° rotary head
  • +/- 35° tilting adapter
  • Exchangeable excavator connection adapter to fit any excavator adapter type
  • Extensive clamp stroke to clamp wide variety sizes of sheet piles, casings and H-beams

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Alternative Products

Eccentric Moment

Max. Centrifugal Force

Max. Frequency

Suitable piling profiles


Eccentric Moment8 kgm

Max. Centrifugal Force464 kN

Max. Frequency2300 rpm

ICE 823B

Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 8 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 464 kN

Max. Frequency 2300 rpm


Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 8 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 465 kN

Max. Frequency 2300 rpm

ICE 1223B

Eccentric MomentFrom 0 to 11.5 kgm

Max. Centrifugal ForceFrom 0 to 670 kN

Max. Frequency 2300 rpm

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