Data Monitoring System

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Features Data Monitoring System

  • Unlimited analyzing of logged data
  • Easy access via data portal
  • Worldwide remote service assistance by Dieseko Group
  • Pro-active monitoring of machine health
  • Efficient fleet management through powerful data analytics
  • GPS location
  • Calculate emmission
  • Maintenance planning
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About Data Monitoring System

Dieseko Group provides customers with a data logging and monitoring system for power packs. This feature is available for new equipment as for existing power packs with an iQan operating system as an aftermarket version. Many operational motor management data can be logged helping to predict and plan maintenance, and e.g. to calculate emissions. This system also gives remote access to help with remote assistance.

This system will help you monitor all movements and deploy of the power packs. Realtime hosting, information through web portal (by pc, tablet or smartphone).

The following parameters are able to be monitored:

  • Geographical position
  • Power Pack ignition [on/off]
  • Power Pack in operation [yes/no]
  • Engine fuel consumption [L/h]
  • Total fuel consumption [L]
  • Engine total hours [hr]
  • Total pump flow [%]
  • Engine load [%]
  • Operating pressure [bar]
  • Lube oil temperature [°C]
  • Hydraulic oil temperature [°C]

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Leaflet Data Monitoring System


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