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Features PVE 28NL

  • Short length
  • Easy maintenance
  • Solid frame
  • Data acquisition
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About PVE 28NL

The PVE 28NL is currently the biggest impact hammer in the range of PVE. The PVE 28NL is designed to drive long and big diameter steel casings. The hammer is manufactured with many years of field experience. The maximum stroke of 1.500 mm makes the hammer very suitable to drive long steel casings. The 28NL can be mounted with different types of sleeves. This impact hammer is also an excellent solution for driving combi walls. The PVE 28NL hydraulic hammer has many unique features. One example is the particular shape of the striker plate which ensures a very natural transfer of the energy to the casing that needs to be driven. The double-locked connection of the lifting eye to the two cylinders guarantees an optimized connection but still ensures an easy assembly and disassembly when service is necessary.

Data acquisition The control box of the PVE 28NL has an integrated data acquisition system. It allows the measurement and registration of the drop height, energy and the number of blows. With the help of a marker, it is possible to make a comparison between the blow rate, energy and the penetration speed.

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Alternative Products

Max. rated energy (kj)

Blow rate (bl/min)

Hamer weight (kg)

Suitable piling profiles


Max. rated energy (kj)412

Blow rate (bl/min)30

Hamer weight (kg)59000


Max. rated energy (kj)247

Blow rate (bl/min)30

Hamer weight (kg)21200


Max. rated energy (kj)282

Blow rate (bl/min)30

Hamer weight (kg)24600


Max. rated energy (kj)313

Blow rate (bl/min)30

Hamer weight (kg)28000

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