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Vibratory Hammers

Dieseko Group is a specialist in innovative foundation equipment: we have been producing vibratory hammers and Power Packs for over 45 years.

Thanks to the reliability of our machines and our knowledge of this method, our products are used throughout the world by rammers, contractors and water workers in the construction, infrastructure and offshore markets.


Vibration is an environmentally friendly and fast method for placing and removing foundation profiles and sheet piles. A vibratory hammer brings a profile into vertical motion. The amplitude here varies from a few millimetres to a few centimetres. This results in soil liquefaction that reduces resistance. Due to the combination of vibration and weight, the profile drops to the desired depth. In addition, a vibro hammer is also suitable for soil compaction and we even have applications to install drains.

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Different types of vibratory hammers:

Normal Frequency refers to the rotational speed, up to max 1,700rpm. The range varies from 23 up to 500 kgm eccentric moment. A normal frequency vibratory hammer can be used widely, and has the power and amplitude to perform well even in strongly adhesive soil. Suitable for all types of profiles. Dieseko Group supplies ICE NF type and PVE M type vibratory hammers.  Variable Moment Vibratory Hammer

No excessive vibrations: Vibratory Hammers with a Variable Moment (Resonance Free).
Our Variable Moment vibratory hammers / ICE Resonance Free vibratory hammers provide powerful solutions for projects where excessive ground vibrations during start-up and shut-down must be limited. This proven VM-technology results in a continuous variable centrifugal force from 0 – 100%.  Suitable for all types of profiles. The range varies from 5 up to 90 kgm eccentric moment. Versions Dieseko supplies vibratory hammers in the traditional, free-hanging version, in a leader-guided version and EMV vibratory hammers that can be attached to excavators. Special models include ring vibrators and the Side Gripper.

Dieseko Group supplies vibratory hammers:

The principle of Resonance Free/Variable Moment

A vibratory hammer with a variable eccentric moment can be turned on and off without vibration. For this, the eccentrics are placed in a zero position with an adjustment motor. Due to the opposite centres of gravity, the eccentric force will be cancelled. Only after the vibratory hammer has reached full speed, the eccentric moment is set, as a result of which the vibratory hammer will start to vibrate.

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