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Rotary heads

Our Rotary heads are designed to drill with variable speed and lots of torque. With a complete range, Dieseko Group’s PVE offers a solution for several drilled pile systems, suitable for traditional drilled piling systems like Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles up to state-of-the-art drilled cast-in-situ soil displacement piles.


With the unique pile-clamping system, long pile lengths can be drilled by leading the casing through the rotary head. The ingenious design enables a very close working distance to adjacent buildings. To support your CFA piling operation, Dieseko also supplies PVE auger cleaners and Woltman concrete pumps. These Auger cleaners remove extracted soil during drilling, ensuring a safe working environment. The cleaners can be assembled in such a way that they are able to guide the drilling auger to the correct pile position.

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Martijn Schols

Director Sales International

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With a complete range of rotary heads, Dieseko offers a solution for several drilled pile systems. From small compact rotary heads suitable for pre-drilling and CFA piles, and double rotary drilling, up to large high torque rotary heads for large diameter piles and drilled soil displacement piles. In case the hydraulic system of the drilling rig is not sufficient, Dieseko manufactures and supplies Power Packs.


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