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Piling & Drilling Rigs

Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs was founded in 1989 by Jaap Woltman, and since 2016, Woltman has been part of Dieseko Group. The pile driving and drilling rigs are highly valued because of their quality and durability and therefore high profitability in the product life cycle.

Dutch customers are demanding and critical. They have increasingly raised the bar, because construction times are short and the hourly rate is high. The Woltman foundation machines perform excellently. Durable, reliable, easy to maintain and, above all, very stable and robust.

Piling Rigs

The Woltman piling rigs have very high mobility due to their foldable leader. In this range, a wide variety of attachments is available for pile driving with impact hammers. The multi-purpose rigs are also suitable for installing tubular piles or sheet piles with vibratory equipment or resonance technology, due to their higher hydraulic power. And also soil improvement projects can be done with this type of rig with vibroflotation technology.

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Drilling Rigs

The characteristic of Woltman drilling rigs is a high performance engine, combined with a specially designed hydraulic system, to power the rotary head directly. Due to their weight-stability ratio, almost any job site is accessible. A unique feature is the specially designed pull-down system that automatically adapts to drill resistance. This heavily motorized type of rig can also be used for direct powering a PVE pressing machine for vibration-free sheet piling.


PDS Rigs

The PDS-type rig with suspended leader provides the perfect solution for onshore and nearshore projects where pile driving and heavy lifting are combined, working over the quayside or from a pontoon/barge. It can perform a wide range of functions to undertake heavy-duty foundation projects and can often eliminate the need for additional equipment which makes the piling operation much faster, more cost effective and subsequently more profitable.

One of the unique features is the Shore System which enables the rig to install battered/raking piles in both a forward and backward angle of 1:3 (18°). The rig is designed and engineered to handle the loads which occur during heavy foundation activities.

PDS-rigs can be used for leader guided jobs or as a heavy-duty crawler crane to operate freely suspended foundation equipment or for standard lifting duties, resulting in increased versatility and productivity to maximize your return on investment.

Woltman PDS 3000 in Rotterdam harbour The Woltman PDS-rigs are fitted with a heavy-duty boom, which is specifically manufactured to operate with the Shore System and 60 meter long leader. To enable precise positioning of the pile the rigs are equipped with a spotting device which can be hydraulically extended up to 6.25 meter.

All PDS-rigs have Caterpillar Stage 5 diesel engines and can be supplied with bio-degradable oils.

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