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Are you searching for a foundation technique for working in a built-up area or near very vibration-sensitive installations? Dieseko Group is the exclusive supplier of resonance technology and offers the Resonator for genuinely vibration-free profiles.

Because it works without harmful vibrations, the Resonator is very suitable for use in a city centre, near railways, monuments and vulnerable buildings. This technology can also be used safely in the immediate vicinity of industrial installations, chemical plants and, for example, hospitals.


The Resonator uses patented pulse technology. Due to its high frequency, profiles are brought up to their natural frequency, which makes them behave like a coiled spring and drive themselves into the soil. Due to the lack of eccentric mass, this technology is completely vibration-free. The Resonator installs piles, pipes and sheet piles and can be used as a free-hanging, leader-guided or mobile-mounted crane.

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Dieseko Group has two models: the PVE RD260 and the PVE RD430

Resonation drilling

A new option is the combination of resonating and drilling. This can be used for soil displacement. The resonator is equipped with a drill head that adds rotational force and creates a unique machine for installing extremely long anchor piles, for example.


PVE Resonator

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DIESEKO GROUP introduced the resonance technique for resonating and drilling simultaneously."

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