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Electric Hydraulic Power Packs

Dieseko Group offers Electric Hydraulic Power Packs by using Permanent Magnet Motors. Due to the high efficiency, the absence of emissions the low noise and the saving of energy a Permanent Magnet Motor makes a big difference in comparison to induction motors and combustion engines.


Permanent Magnet motors (PM) have existed for some time now, but their price level and non-standard nature, compared to induction motors, meant that until recently they were only suitable for very specialised applications. However, the benefits of PM motors in hydraulic power packs (PM-HPP) are significant. They are very compact, deliver higher torque and the engine can react faster to speed or load changes. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that they are up to 5% more efficient than comparable induction motors. An additional benefit is that the operational costs are much lower, due to the lack of an internal combustion engine with all its components and maintenance and service costs.

Dieseko Group sees many benefits in using this technology, and is making use of all its acquired knowledge to develop a completely new generation of Hydraulic Power Packs.

For more information, please contact Department Sales Benelux in Sliedrecht.

Marion van den Akker

Area Manager BeNeLux


Dieseko Group builds hundreds of Hydraulic Power Packs (HPP) every year. We use dedicated engineers and designers when developing these HPPs. Clients are often involved in the development process, for example when realising tailor-made HPPs or for specific purposes. We adhere to the highest quality standards during the production process. Dieseko Group manufactures in accordance with the latest emission-related standards for noise and the environment. Safety is of paramount importance when our products are being built and used. Dieseko Group’s HPPs are based on customer specifications and OEM specifications, and we also have our own range of products.


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