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In 2012, after years of contracting and experience in the dredging, construction and demolition & salvage sectors, Leon van der Bel established Bell Dredging Pumps. Using the knowledge gained while operating all kinds of dredge pumps, cutter suction dredgers, amphibious excavators and affiliated equipment. This resulted in a superior product range, which is engineered and manufactured at the Bell yard in Winkel, The Netherlands. The focus started on dredge pumps and suction heads, but soon expanded to power packs, booster stations, process instrumentation and complete cutter dredgers and amphibious excavators up to 45 tons.

Innovative, fresh view

Due to Bell‘s innovative, fresh view within the industry, it was able to develop a complete new range of dredge pumps with new suction-and cutter heads, as well as cutter suction dredgers and amphibious excavators.   


With the manufacturing and supply of remote-controlled booster stations, power packs and amphibious excavators, it is creating future-proof solutions for all its customers.

One of the new developments is production instrumentation with non-nuclear density measurement, which can be used and transported all over the world without the need for permits or specially qualified operators. Due to the online connection with the BELL app, real time production can be read out all over the world to monitor the progress of the project.

Another innovation is the Bell Double Cutter Head. A time saving solution for emptying foundation piles and cofferdams.

Bell offers a wide range of dredging equipment and has the experience and knowledge to create dredge equipment for a sustainable future.

In 2016, Bell Dredging Pumps joined Dieseko Group. Together they can now offer complementary solutions and extend the product range for the foundation and dredging industries.

Bell is the all-round solution provider as it not only manufactures dredging equipment but also supports all its customers with project management and operators on the project job site.

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