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Offshore piling in Yangjiang

Last week our local service team went back to Huaxi 5000 to carry out routine maintenance work on the ICE 250NF which is working off the coast of Yangjiang in Guangdong Province. Huaxi 5000 is one of the largest vessels in the market, its sheer size makes it a very stable working platform. The 5000t crane can hoist the largest monopiles, and its 900t auxiliary hook is ideal for working with the 250NF hammer driving and extracting the legs of their floating mono-pile positioning frame.

The legs of the floating pile positioning frame that Huaxi has designed are 2.2 meters in diameter, 94 meters in length, they are driven 16-22 meters into the mud until the working pressure reached 200 bar and the piles are deemed stable. The driving time for each pile is about 15 minutes. The floating positioning frame reminds us of a jack-up barge, with the legs up it can be floated to a next work position. The frame is suitable to hold large monopiles and equipped with hydraulics jacks to adjust the position and the verticality of the pile.