(English) Do you have a project where reclaimed land must be made ready for use quickly? Or where you want to improve the load bearing capacity with stone columns? This can be done very quickly and professionally with the Vibroflot. A unique application for soil improvement.

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A Vibroflot is a vibrating needle with a horizontally-located, hydraulically driven eccenter in the head that causes a vibrating movement. Equipped with nozzles, soil is simultaneously fluidised under high pressure (with water). The result is underground compaction, which means that new material can be added. A Vibroflot can also be used for soil improvement by adding rubble or gravel (replacement) or for making stone columns.


The Dieseko Group Vibroflots have a modular structure and are suitable for various accessories for various applications such as compacting, top feed and bottom feed. There are two basic models that differ in eccentric moment and hydraulic power.

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