Vibratory Hammer

(English) Dieseko Group is a specialist in hydraulic vibration technology: we have been producing vibratory hammers and Power Packs for all of 45 years.

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Different types of vibratory hammers:

Normally frequent This refers to the rotational speed (up to 1,600rpm) at which the eccentrics rotate to get the profile moving. This basic model can be widely used and is built into machines with no less than 500 kgm of eccentric moment for, for example, placing large tubular piles in the offshore wind. Dieseko Group supplies ICE NF type and PVE M type vibratory hammers.   No excessive vibrations: Vibratory Hammers with a Variable Moment (Resonance Free). Variable Moment Vibratory Hammer Our Variable Moment vibratory hammers / ICE Resonance Free vibratory hammers provide powerful solutions for projects where excessive ground vibrations during start-up and shut-down must be limited. Thanks to our innovative actuation technology, the position of eccenters can be adjusted, resulting in a variable centrifugal force of between 0 – 100%. Suitable for all types of profiles.   Versions Dieseko supplies vibratory hammers in the traditional, free-hanging version, in a leader-guided version and EMV vibratory hammers that can be built on excavators. Special models include ring vibrators and the Side Gripper.   Dieseko Group supplies vibratory hammers:

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