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Vibration technology is very attractive for offshore applications. Speed and handling are superior to traditional methods. Dieseko Group has 45 years of experience with this technology, and with the power of our innovative approach, we have already devised many smart solutions such as upending, whereby the vibratory hammer can tilt and a horizontal tube can be placed upright. It is precisely at the project level where we are in constant dialogue with large contractors to jointly develop tailor-made solutions for the challenge of delivering reliably, safely and on time.

Vibrotechnology benefits offshore foundations and is increasingly changing offshore foundation methods. Additionally, it is important to consider the environment by decreasing emission levels and noise pollution with our vibrotechnology.

Installing offshore foundations with vibratory technology has a number of advantages over conventional methods resulting in significant time and costs savings:

  • Short pile driving times
  • Accurate positioning and possibility for correction during insertion
  • Much lower noise levels
  • Reduction of installation costs by deploying fewer and more economical tools
  • Increase of design life of MP’s due to different energy impact
  • MP designed with thinner Wall Thickness leading to significant material savings and handling costs
  • Possibility to extract piles

Installing and decommissioning

With its large rental fleet, different types of heavy vibratory hammers including certified staff are available for anchoring, extracting or decommissioning. There are great advantages compared to traditional pile-driving methods: the installation speed is up to five times shorter, a vibrating block can also be used as a hoisting tool. That is many times more efficient in handling. In addition, vibrations from a vibro hammer carry far less far and are less harmful to the environment. A vibratory hammer can also be made suitable for working up to 300 meters under water.

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