Deep vibration techniques
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The Vibroflot is a slim vibrator which is vertically lowered into the soil, using water pressure and gravity. The Vibroflot is used for compaction and to stabilize loose grainy soil by vibrating. By extending the vibrator with follower tubes, greater depths can be reached.

The vibrating movement of the Vibroflot is generated by the hydraulic powered eccenter in the nose of the Vibroflot. By pressing water from the bottom and the sides of the Vibroflot, it can be lowered to the desired depth easily.

Because the compacted soil becomes more compact, a funnel arises at the surface. By adding soil during the retracting movement – the vibrovlot is started and stopped at predetermined times – a compact and stable soil arises.

A Vibroflot is suspended free hanging from a crawler crane or leader guided in a rig. It can also be driven in and by an excavator. Real-time data from a single or tandem set up is displayed on a monitor and can be downloaded at any time to support job reports.



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6 reasons to choose a Vibroflot

  • Reduction of construction time on site
  • Compaction: coarse grain soil (sand) structures.
  • Replacement: by adding other material e.g. gravel.
  • Replacement: by creating stone columns
  • Multi-purpose base: for compaction and replacement methods
  • Easy replacement and service
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Deep vibratory techniques using Vibroflots are generally known as vibro compaction and vibro replacement. The techniques are used for densifying granular soils, as well as for realizing stone columns.

A vibroflot is a slim, hydraulically driven vibratory needle. In combination with various accessories, the Vibroflot can be built to use with high pressure water jetting, or for replacement with a hopper system. A Vibroflot can be extended with so-called followers to be able to work to the desired depth. Of course a Vibroflot is used in soft or granular soil, usually sand. The Vibroflots are normally suspended from a standard crawler crane. Real-time data from a single or tandem setup is displayed on the monitor and can be downloaded at any time to support service intervals and job reports.

An known application is the accelerated preparation of reclaimed land by compacting into predetermined patterns. As a result, the ground can be developed immediately. Examples include the Maasvlakte (Rotterdam, Holland) and the expansion of the airport in Singapore.

Another application is to increase load bearing and stability by replacement, for example stone collumns under motorways. Stone collumns are also made in earthquake-sensitive areas in a pattern around a foundation profile to absorb earthquakes and possibly rising groundwater.

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  • Compaction: Rearranging the surrounding granular soils into a denser configuration
  • Replacement: wet top feed
  • Replacement: dry bottom feed
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Vibroflotation Compaction

The Vibroflot is lowered into the ground, assisted by its weight, vibration, and typically water jets in its tip.The compaction starts at the bottom of the treatment depth. The Vibroflot is then either raised at a certain rate or repeatedly raised and lowered as it is extracted. Rearranging the surrounding granular soils into a denser configuration, can achieve relative densities of 70 to 85%.

Animation of Vibroflotation Compaction

Replacement dry bottom feed

In this procedure the stone particles are fed to the tip of the Vibroflot through a material transfer pipe which is fastened to the side of the Vibroflot. A stone hopper is filled with stones on the ground with a wheeled loader and a separate cable lifts the hopper to a material storage container at the top of the transfer pipe. The stone particles are rammed and compacted with the Vibroflot.

Animation of replacement dry bottom feed

Replacement wet top feed

The column construction starts at the bottom of the treatment depth and proceeds to the surface. The Vibroflot penetrates into the ground, assisted by its weight, vibration, and typically water jets in its tip. A wheeled loader places stone particles around the Vibroflot at the ground surface and the stones lower to the tip of the Vibroflot through the flushing water around the exterior of the Vibroflot.

Animation of replacement wet top feed

Modular Construction

The ICE Vibroflots are specifically designed for most challenging circumstances all over the world. The modular construction is a typical characteristic of the ICE Vibroflot series V180 and V230. The machines are built according to the latest industry and environmental standards. The equipment is easy to use, reliable and durable with its state of art hydraulic powering.

Our smart solution for different soil improvement techniques is a modular system of Vibroflot components. The heart of the system is a V180 or V230 Vibroflot with eccentric weight and hydraulic motor. 

Other function related components can be connected to this base. Follower tubes are designed with integrated air-water transit pipes for a smooth surface and easy penetrating. Even hopper and container are easy to assemble or disassemble.

ICE Vibroflot V230

In this video you see the Vibroflot bottom feed at work in Italy.