Installation solutions for vibration-sensitive environments

Low-frequency vibrations are a serious problem in construction projects. They cause damage to the environment. We offer various solutions for this challenge: high-frequency, low-resonance and even completely vibration-free installation solutions.

Building in inner cities, near monumental buildings, hospitals and research centers with vibration-sensitive equipment challenges you as a builder. The risk of your work causing damage to railway lines and subways, to underground utilities or to the chemical industry is high.

Vibration-free alternatives

Dieseko develops solutions for builders to operate safely in urban areas and near vibration-sensitive industry. We are pleased to present our solutions: drilling solutions, pressing machines, resonance technology and variable moment resonance free technology. With these solutions, we offer you the possibility to work without any risk of vibration damage.

Pressing machines - for delicate situations

Our PVE pressing machine is a leader-guided static pressing solution. This application can be used to press sheet piles into the ground. This machine does not generate any vibrations, so soil disturbance and the impact on the environment is negligible. A perfect solution for your inner-city foundation projects.

Variable Moment - resonance-free vibration technology

With the deployment of Variable Moment technology, potentially harmful low frequency vibrations are reduced during the starting and stopping of the vibratory hammer. This prevents nearby structures and utilities from being unintentionally damaged during vibratory pile driving. The technology uses variable moment adjustment of the eccentric weights and regulated frequency of the hammers. This makes it a proven safe choice for work in the vicinity of existing buildings with delicate structures.

Resonator technology

The Resonator uses patented pulse technology. The ultra-high frequency causes foundation profiles to resonate to their natural frequency. This causes the profile to behave like a spring pushing itself into the ground. The Resonator installs vibration-free piles, tubes and even sheet piles.

Drilling solutions

Our wide range of drilling rigs are specially designed for high torque drilling methods, such as displacement and CFA.

Founding the Future

Based on our vision of ‘Founding the Future’, we focus on sustainable developments. So that you can safely execute construction projects in sensitive environments. Do you want to know more about the ways we are ‘Founding the Future’? Read everything about our vision here!

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