GIANT: noise reduction under water

“The interests of nature must be given weight in the construction of new wind farms at sea”, says Dutch Climate and Energy Minister Jetten for Dutch television. He is concerned with the impact on marine life during the construction of wind turbines, where fish and marine mammals may be affected by the pile-driving.

Dieseko Group BV is a market leader in foundation equipment with a focus on minimizing vibrations, emissions, and noise. Specifically for the offshore industry, we develop and lease vibratory hammers for driving pin piles and XL monopiles. Our offshore vibratory hammers ensure the significant noise reduction under water by the application of vibratory hammers compared to conventional piling. In addition, our vibratory hammers also demonstrably increase production and efficiency.


Last year the company Saipem commissioned us to use our newly developed GIANT offshore hammer for the vibratory piling of 64 XL monopiles off the coast of Normandy. Vibrating was a requirement in order to strongly reduce the impact of noise on under water life.


Minister Jetten’s position on the nature-friendly construction of offshore wind farms is entirely in line with our ambitions. We live up to these ambitions with our extensive fleet of innovative offshore vibratory hammers and offshore certified service personnel.

Do you require an efficient and nature-friendly method of offshore foundation work? Then contact us! We are happy to provide you with professional advice.