GIANT Stories: Livestream and Live Q&A

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Dieseko Group GIANT Stories Livestream and Live Q&A. Your participation and engagement made the event a success. We appreciate your time and interest in our work.

If you want to watch the livestream again at your leisure or if you did not have the opportunity to watch the livestream, we offer you the possibility to watch the recording.

Recorded version of the GIANT livestream

We believe that “Knowledge is power” at Dieseko Group, and we translate that into practice through collecting data during operations and testing and using it for further analyses. This was of particularly of note with the GIANT 2000. We’ve been collecting an abundance of data (pre, during and post operations) and doing a plethora of different analyses. We believe that with this data we can further enhance our operations and efficiency and minimize risk.

Though we collect it for our own analyses, we think that a lot of this data is useful for the general public and therefore wish to share some of it with you in case it could be of use for your own research. Sign up through the form below to be kept up to date with our analyses or results, and when we decide to publish some of our data.

Event Highlights:

  • Introduction to the GIANT series: Our panel of experts will introduce the groundbreaking GIANT 2000 vibratory hammer, highlighting its key features and capabilities.
  • 7-steps Value Approach: Discover this comprehensive 7-steps Value Approach that we employ in our Offshore projects, which played a crucial role in the development of the GIANT series.
  • Exclusive Footage: Be the first to see never-before-seen footage of the GIANT 2000 during testing.
  • Live Q&A: Engage directly with our experts during the live Q&A session, where you can ask questions, join discussions and gain deeper insights into the GIANT 2000 and our innovative processes.

Our panel of experts included:

Rob Eijkens: Rob Eijkens is the Technical Manager and Business Development Director in offshore at Dieseko Group. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Bradford (UK) in the early 90s and has almost 30 years of experience, exclusively in the energy utility and offshore energy market segments.

Jan Bruggenthijs (JB2 Management en Advies): This former CEO of Sif Group Offshore Foundations, brings a strategic vision and extensive knowledge in the field of offshore projects. He currently serves as an advisory consultant and board member for several companies in the Manufacturing, Marine & Offshore industry.

Richard den Hollander (Seaway7): Richard has worked in the offshore industry for over 30 years. The last 10 years he has been heading the business development for Seaway7 solely dedicated to Offshore Wind and in this role developing opportunities for the company. Richard has gained extensive offshore experience, having worked as a field engineer and project manager aboard Subsea7’s Heavy Lift Vessels.Richard is a bachelor level Civil Engineer with extensive practical offshore.

We look forward to sharing the GIANT Stories with you and exploring the future of offshore construction together.

PVE GIANT 2000 Upending Vibro


Synchronous operation and testing of hose reels for the GIANT 2000