"Dieseko is committed to be the world's best provider of innovative and efficient attachments for the commercial foundation industry."

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Dieseko Group BV builds hundreds of vibratory hammers, power packs, vibroflots, piling hammers, rotary heads and piling and drilling rigs every year. The Dieseko Group uses dedicated engineers and designers when developing all these products. Clients are often involved in the development process, for instance, when realising tailor-made products or products for specific purposes.

Dieseko Group production of an OEM_powerpack
The highest quality norms are adhered to during the production process. Dieseko Group manufactures in accordance with the latest emission related norms for noise and the environment, and safety is of paramount importance when our products are being built and used. Dieseko Group's products are based on customer specifications and OEM, though we also have our own range of products.

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