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Dieseko Group BV builds hundreds of vibratory hammers, power packs, vibroflots, piling hammers, rotary heads and piling and drilling rigs every year. The Dieseko Group uses dedicated engineers and designers when developing all these products. Clients are often involved in the development process, for instance, when realising tailor-made products or products for specific purposes.

Dieseko Group production of an OEM_powerpack
The highest quality norms are adhered to during the production process. Dieseko Group manufactures in accordance with the latest emission related norms for noise and the environment, and safety is of paramount importance when our products are being built and used. Dieseko Group's products are based on customer specifications and OEM, though we also have our own range of products.


Dieseko Group BV works with a worldwide dealer network for sales and services. An overview can be found in the dealer sections of our brands.
PVE Dealers as a part of the Dieseko Group Dealer Network
Dieseko Group produced and supplied its products in the Benelux for the past 40 years. Sales and service related issues in the Benelux can be resolved in Sliedrecht, where the head office of Dieseko Group BV is located.
You can contact Sales Area Managers for information or sales related issues via the head office in Sliedrecht.


Dieseko Group possesses a very large rental fleet. We are able to supply a variety of equipment for small as well as large, long-term projects, possibly accompanied by specialised support personnel. Equipment in the fleet can also be used to prevent downtime and to serve as back-up for your own equipment.
Equipment which is part of the rental fleet is spread throughout the world at locations in Sliedrecht, Singapore, USA, Brazil and China. This means we are always quick on the scene!
You can contact the Rental department for information and availability via the head office in Sliedrecht.


Dieseko uses its local offices to provide adequate service and after-sales support.
Our customers want specific answers, assistance, spare parts and effective solutions. Thanks to its team of qualified engineers, Dieseko is able to offer 24-hour support, worldwide. Equipment is mainly repaired and overhauled at the site in Sliedrecht. A number of our dealers have also been trained to perform complicated repairs locally.
You can contact the Service, Maintenance and Repair department via the head office in Sliedrecht.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential if our machines are used intensively. Spare parts are available from stock via our dealers or via our main site in Sliedrecht.  They can be delivered immediately, which helps to safeguard continuity.
You can contact the Parts department for information and delivery-related issues via the head office in Sliedrecht.
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