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Woltman operations in a single location

Dieseko Group consolidates Woltman operations in a single location

Sliedrecht, The Netherlands – October 16th, 2019.

As of November 1st, 2019, Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs will consolidate its operations in The Netherlands in its location in Giessenburg. With this organisational change, Woltman’s parent company Dieseko Group aims to increase the efficiency of the business model in support of a faster and more flexible response to the highly volatile demand in the market for piling and drilling rigs.

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The difference in driving speed between conventional hammering and a Vibratory Hammer - Saving significant installation time for OWF Monopiles

Increasing installation efficiency is a key component of LCOE reduction for the offshore wind industry. By reducing the installation time for key components such as Monopiles, significant savings on vessel hire can be made.

The 2018 average installation rate, where the vessel installed both monopiles and transition pieces, is 2.27 Days per Foundation (DpF). When using Vibratory Technology the DpF can drastically been reduced.

These video's were made during a comparison test in Germany and what you see is the actual speed. For the test we used the exact same Monopiles and exact same soil conditions. Besides the installation speed advantage, vibrating technology is less harmful to the sub-sea environment (Marine mammals, fish and other sealife) because of the much lower noise level during installation.

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Dirk Smulders succeeds Ton Kraak as CEO of Dieseko Group BV

Sliedrecht, 20 December 2018 – As of 1 January 2019 Mr Dirk Smulders will succeed Mr Ton Kraak as Chairman of the Board/CEO. Dirk Smulders has been a member of the Dieseko Group Board as Chief Operations Officer (COO) since September 2017. Ton Kraak, who has led the Dieseko Group since 2008, will continue his involvement in the group as a shareholder and in an advisory capacity.
Dirk Smulders (left) will be the new Chairman of the Board/CEO of Dieseko Group as of 1 January 2019. He succeeds Ton Kraak (right), who will continue his involvement with the company as shareholder and in an advisory capacity.
In his new role as Chairman of the Board/CEO, Dirk Smulders will be responsible for the implementation and, where necessary, further sharpening of the present strategy. The objective is and remains to promote the current growth and to further strengthen Dieseko’s position as a leading global player in the area of high-end, innovative foundation solutions.
Dirk Smulders: “I consider it a great honour and challenge to lead Dieseko Group BV. I am really looking forward to working with my fellow board members, management and our employees to even better serve our customers all over the world with innovative products. I am grateful to my predecessor Ton Kraak for the thorough and very pleasant induction period, and I thank the Works Council, the Supervisory Board and our shareholder NPM Capital for the trust they place in me.”
Dirk Smulders studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Delft and previously held positions with final responsibility at Stork and Doedijns. He is married and has three children.

ICE 416L renovates dams in France

In 2013, an agreement was signed between the French Waterways (VNF) and BAMEO to replace 29 dams, six in Aisne river and 23 in the Meuse. Three years ago Vinci Construction and its subcontractors started this prestigious project. The contractor agreed to finish the replacement of the dams within five years.

In both rivers, automatic dams are placed, equipped with inflatable membranes at the water. In addition to the 29 dams that are being replaced, two dams in the Meuse are re-commissioned. The network of dams is provided with turbines which are connected to a hydro-electric micro station. This contributes to the production of energy locally.

The foundation work for these dams is performed by the ICE 416L vibratory hammer, with a single and double clamp. This normal frequency hammer has a great pulling force and is widely used. Vinci Construction operates ten dams at the same time this year, which means that ten vibratory hammers are used simultaneously.  

Three Woltman machines at work at the same project

Due to the quick growth of supermarket chain Lidl, the company is in the need for a new distribution center. Moerdijk, a city located in the west of the Netherlands, is the place where this distribution center will be built. In only two months’ time, 3500 piles need to be piled into the soil, an enormous project with a strict deadline. In order to achieve this deadline, contractor Voorbij Funderingstechniek partnered up with Terracon Funderingstechniek and Ballast Nedam. Three Woltman 160PR piling rigs are used to drive the 40m piles into the solid ground. Due to the stability and low center point of gravity, these drilling rigs are the perfect machines to do the job.

Low underwater sound levels with PVE 500M

As noise disturbance is getting more attention because of changing regulations and increasing public concern, Dieseko Group invests in solutions that minimize noise pollution. Recently an external expert carried out an independent test to measure underwater sound levels during the dismantling of offshore wind farm Lely.


Four piles having a diameter between 3200 mm and 3700 mm and a length of 26 m long were removed from the seabed by our largest vibratory hammer, the PVE 500M. The hammer creates a centrifugal force of almost 1100 mt at 500 kgm eccentric moment and 1400 rpm. The PVE 500M was not equipped with soundproofing measures, in order to understand the effect of our basic design. 
The results of the measurements are very promising. The German authorities, by means of the BMU 2013 “Konzept für den Schutz der Schweinswale vor Schallbelastungen bei der Errichtung von Offshore-Windparks in der deutschen Nordsee (Schallschutzkonzept)”, prescribes threshold values of 160 dB re 1μPa²s as a maximum Sound Exposure Level (SEL) and 190 dB re 1μPa as a maximum peak Sound Pressure Level (SPLpeak-peak) both at 750m from the source. 

The equivalent values obtained during several tests with Dieseko Group vibrators are 112 – 135 dB re 1μPa²s and 132 – 161 dB re 1μPa, which are substantially lower than the maximum allowed levels at 750m from the source. 
Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of Dieseko Group’s vibratory hammering techniques do significantly contribute to underwater noise reductions at offshore piling projects.

Dieseko Group launches out during Infratech 2017

From January 17th to 20th, Infratech took place, the most important exhibition for the infrastructure industry in the Netherlands. Dieseko Group launched out with a beautiful and outstanding booth, with an important eye catcher: the PVE RD260 Resonator. This foundation machine, that drives profiles without vibration because of the resonance technique, is a true innovation in the industry. The Resonator gained a lot of interest during the exhibition.

Jolanda van den Brink, Sales Director Benelux: “We are very satisfied with the number of visitors of the exhibition, and more specifically with the interest for our foundation solutions. Infratech is an important fair where we traditionally meet a lot of customers. We notice there is need for product innovation in our industry, the Resonator is a great example of such an innovative solution.”

Next to the Resonator, Dieseko Group also introduced some great images of the fully refurbished cabin of a Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs piling rig. The new cabin is fully ergonomic, and the machinist has a complete overview of the job site and the machine, which makes the workplace clear and safe. In addition, the redesign gives the rig a stylish and modern appearance.  

Dieseko Group acquires majority interest in Pilequip Australia

Producer and supplier of hydraulic foundation equipment, Dieseko Group, has recently acquired a majority interest in Pilequip Australia. Pilequip is the first Australian branch office for the Dieseko Group. Pilequip services clients in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands. 
Pilequip, an established dealer of Dieseko Group for the past 30 years, is based in Sydney and has an extensive rental fleet with a wide range of foundation equipment from all three brands under  the Dieseko Group, being : ICE International Construction Equipment, PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment, and Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs. The Australian company offers wide support to their customers and maintains a large inventory of spare parts for all machines in the rental fleet.
Brett Camm, Managing Director of Pilequip: “Being on the other side of the world to Europe, there is an increasing local demand for foundation equipment to be immediately available in Australia, as well as New Zealand. Now we have become part of Dieseko Group, we are able to deliver foundation equipment within a short timeframe. We are proud to be part of this A brand with a strong international network.”

Ton Kraak, CEO Dieseko Group: “We are glad we have been able to add Pilequip to our list of international branches. There is a lot of potential in Australia and New Zealand and now we have our own site, we can service the market even better. We have been working with Pilequip for many years and we are proud they are part of Dieseko Group. This branch in Sydney means we are present ‘down under’ from now on.”


Watson & Hillhouse appointed Woltman dealer

Recently Watson & Hillhouse have been appointed Woltman dealer for the UK and Ireland. This makes them a dealer for the complete range of products of Dieseko Group. Woltman is very pleased to welcome Watson & Hillhouse. As part of their commitment to Woltman, W&H have invested in a Woltman 40PR with PVE 4/5NL for their rental fleet. This rig will be available for hire in the UK & Ireland in January 2017. For more information visit:

Watson & Hillhouse Official Woltman Dealer

Commercial bulletin: mega series

Read our commercial bulletin about our largest vibratory hammers, the mega size PVE vibratory hammers. These hammers have been working all over the world at prestigious projects where they have proved more than its worth.

PVE 500M dismantles wind farm Lely in only 3 hours

The heaviest single PVE vibratory hammer of Dieseko Group successfully dismantled wind farm Lely in the Netherlands. The Nuon Lely offshore wind farm was built in 1992 and had to be dismantled. After 24 years the wind farm was approaching the end of its life cycle and was becoming less profitable. 

The dismantling of the wind turbines started in October 2016. The PVE 500M was used to extract the foundation of the wind turbines. Four piles, each 26m long and with a diameter of 3.20 to 3.70m, were removed one by one from the seabed and carried off via pontoons. Because of the enormous centrifugal force of the vibratory hammer, the piles were extracted in only 45 minutes each. The PVE 500M, which is a combination of two 250 kgm carters patented according to our GIANT system, has proven once again to have the power to extract 70 to 80 tons piles without any problems. The PVE 500M is a reliable vibratory hammer which managed to do the job in record time. The project is successfully executed by Hebo Maritiemservice.

During this project the Dieseko Group R&D department carried out several underwater sound tests. The main goal is to gain more insights in sound effects. Results will be shared in a later stage.   

Dieseko Group nominated for Business Event Alblasserwaard

We are very honoured to be nominated for the Business Event Alblasserwaard. Together with two other organisations we have been selected in the category ‘Industry and Services’. All three organisations hope to win the title ‘Organisation/Entrepreneur of the Year 2016’. This nomination follows a period of recommendations, research and selections by four judges. On November 14th the final winner will be announced during a festive award ceremony.

Dieseko Group hosts NVAF members

More than twenty members of the NVAF (a Dutch Association for Contractors) visited Dieseko Group during their meeting for member who regularly work with sheet piles. The members attended several interesting presentations about innovations in the foundation industry and got to know Dieseko Group better. Furthermore they enjoyed a tour around the site and a demonstration of the Resonator and the 110MU upending vibratory hammer. After the informative program they enjoyed drinks, snacks and a dinner, which was being served via food trucks.

PVE 250M extracts 36m piles for largest sea lock in the world

In the beginning of September 2016 the construction of a new sea sluice in IJmuiden (the Netherlands) has started. This new and larger sea lock is designed to improve the accessibility of the harbour of Amsterdam and to stimulate the economic situation of the region, by offering tidal independent space to ever growing sea ships. The new sea lock will be the largest one in the world. Its dimensions will be 500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep. 

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is the principal of this project, which is conducted by constructor consortium OpenIJ. Dutch companies BAM-PGGM, VolkerWessels and Dutch Infrastructure Fund are part of this consortium. These parties are responsible for the design, realisation, finance and maintenance of the sea lock for the next 26 years.

A large and prestigious project like this should be tested in advance, to make sure the process will run as smooth as possible. Several test piles have been driven in preparation of this project to make sure the right equipment for the job has been chosen. After this test phase, the 36 meter piles had to be extracted. To achieve this, the PVE 250M has been used. This ironclad normal frequency vibratory hammer of Dieseko Group extracted the piles without any problems. Nothing stands in the way to build the largest sea lock in the world, which is expected to be completed in 2019.

PVE 35VM shapes Pier in Scheveningen

Soon the tourist attractrion, ‘The Pier’ in Scheveningen (The Netherlands), will be re-opened with a new giant Ferris wheel built on the Northern Island.

Within few weeks the Ferris wheel, which will have an impressive height of 45 metres should be finished. 36 gondolas for a maximum of six persons each will be attached to the wheel. Visitors of the gondolas will have a stunning view at this popular part of the Dutch coast.

Our client De Klerk Waterbouw is responsible for driving eight foundation piles. The piles are driven from the seaside. The vessel ms Biesbosch hosted our Woltman THW A-1200 PDS with our PVE 35VM vibratory hammer and PVE 1000 power pack. The job was successfully executed, as expected; within few weeks the first visitors of the Ferris wheel will be welcomed.

Dieseko Group performs well in Manufacturing List of Dutch magazine Management Team

Every year Dutch magazine Management Team compiles a list of Dutch companies that operate in the manufacturing industry. This list is called ‘Manufacturing Industry 100’. We are proud to announce that Dieseko Group rose in the rankings and currently holds the 75th position. 
Manufacturing Industry 100 is a list of the 100 Dutch best performing SME companies, with a revenu of maximum half a billion euros. Only Dutch companies with B2B clients are part of the list. 500 largest SME manufacturing companies are sorted by the following criteria:
  • Revenu 2015
  • Revenu growth
  • Average EBIT -%
  • Average ROIC (EBIT minut taxe)
Please find an overview of the final complete list.

Bauma 2016 successful event for Dieseko Group

From April 11th to 17th bauma 2016 took place in Munich, Germany. More than 580.000 visitors from 200 countries travelled to Germany to visit the largest construction fair of the world. Dieseko Group built an impressive stand in the outdoor area of the fair. Visitors enjoyed a selection of our product range, new prototypes and product innovations. An overview of the represented products:
  • New prototypes of our evolved ICE 55NF vibratory hammer and 600 power pack
  • New PVE RD260 Resonator
  • New ICE side gripper
  • ICE 250DP dredging pump
  • Woltman 90DR and 160DR drilling rigs
A complete overview of all innovations we presented at our booth can be found in our bauma brochure. For an impression of our day-to-day experiences during the fair please check our corporate blog. Colleagues shared their personal findings and experiences.
We received a lot of positive feedback on our products, innovations and our booth. The large amount of visitors, prospects, suppliers, dealers and other relations we met made bauma 2016 a very successful event.

Dieseko Group organises symposia in Russia

Area managers of Dieseko Group recently organised a symposium in Novorossiysk (Russia), themed ‘innovations in foundation equipment’. The symposium is developed together with Russian dealer Larssen Group. Clients in the Russian region were invited to join the symposium. 
Herman Thuss, Senior Area Sales Manager Dieseko Group: “We are positively surprised by the many enthusiastic feedback we received following the symposium. During the knowledge session we presented various projects to our customers. A lot of these solutions are directly applicable in the Russian region, so the invitees were really interested. We decided to organise three more symposia in Russia during this year, so our other clients are able to join as well.”

Lesanco exclusive dealer for Dieseko Group equipment

Lesanco ApS, supplier of construction machines and equipment, is now the exclusive Scandinavian dealer for PVE Piling & Drillings Rigs. Lesanco has been a highly respected dealer for ICE and PVE vibratory hammers for many years and has an excellent reputation. As of the 1st of February 2016, Lesanco will also be able to offer products from the range of PVE Piling and Drilling Rigs such as PVE driven pile rigs, hydraulic hammers and drilling rigs. Lesanco will also focus on rent and service of this kind of equipment and carries an inventory of spare parts for hydraulic hammers. 
Arjen van der Schaaf, Managing Director of PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs: “I am very pleased that Lesanco is now our exclusive dealer in the Scandinavian region. Customers will benefit from short delivery times, attractive trade in deals and the possibility to rent high quality pile driving rigs. Our new 50PR-FF piling rig is very suitable for the Scandinavian market because of the new type winch system (Zollern controlled free-fall type) and these rigs come with the latest Caterpillar, Tier IV-F engine which meets the latest standards on environmental regulations and the rigs can be supplied with the latest data acquisition system.”

PVE 200M at work at port in Egypt

Project:   Development of embankment
Location:   Port Said, Egypt
Equipment:   PVE 200M & PVE 1600
Date:   December 2015 – Mid 2017
Kased Khair, a Dieseko Group client in Egypt, recently purchased a PVE 200M vibratory hammer. The vibratory hammer is currently being used in Port Said, an important port in the north of Egypt. A new embankment is being built here. Because of the strategic location of the city it is very important that the development of the embankment is being executed in the right way and following a tight time schedule. 
In the port, piles with a diameter of 2003 mm and a length of 2 x 35 meters are being driven. The project is expected to be finalised in 2017. 

Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Technical Director of Kased Khair: “One of the service engineers of Dieseko Group was available on site when the vibratory hammer arrived. Various Egyptian dignitaries were present when the PVE 200M first started its activities. The service engineer educated our employees and we benefit from excellent support. We fully trust in the equipment and the people of Dieseko Group and until now they lived up to our expectations.”

Egyptian dealer moves to new office in Cairo

El Handassia, the Dieseko Group dealer in Egypt, recently moved to a new office in Cairo. The dealer sells and rents PVE and ICE branded vibratory hammers and power packs. Within short term, El Handasia will expand its product portfolio with piling and drilling rigs. In the nearby future, a spare parts hub will be opened in Cairo, so all Egyptian clients will benefit from this complete product range. 
Sherif Elkasheef, Sales Area Manager of El Handasia: “We are very proud of our new office. The good accessibility and great location make our office perfectly suited to serve the Egyptian market. Shortly we will start working on a large project nearby the Suez Canal. Our new office is the perfect base for this and a lot of other projects.”

Congratulations to JP Nelson

We are pleased to congratulate our South East Asian dealer JP Nelson with their 25th anniversary. It has been a pleasure to work together closely during the past years. We are looking forward to many successful years to come. 

Dieseko Group acquires Woltman Piling Equipment

Dieseko Group, producer and supplier of hydraulic vibratory hammers and other foundation equipment, acquires Woltman Piling Equipment, a company located in Giessenburg, the Netherlands. Woltman is market leader and producer and supplier of piling equipment. 

By means of the acquisition both companies can combine forces and achieve economies of scale, for example by joint purchasing. Clients will benefit from shorter delivery times and new innovations. 

Ton Kraak, CEO of Dieseko Group: “The acquisition of Woltman seamlessly fits into our policy. We strive for market leadership for vibratory hammers and want to be the supplier for complete product packages for piling contractors. We know Woltman very well and our subsidiary PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs - which has been acquired by Dieseko Group in 2014 - has been working together closely for several years.” 

Woltman Piling Equipment will operate as an independent business unit of Dieseko Group in the Benelux region. All employees will remain working within the organization.

Acquisition Dieseko Group - Woltman
From left to right: Rutger Ruigrok (NPM Capital), Henk Woltman (Woltman Piling Equipment), Barry Lemmers (Dieseko Group), Hans Woltman (Woltman Piling Equipment), Ton Kraak (Dieseko Group), Vicky van den Broek (NPM Capital)

Open days in the press

At November 27th and 28th our Open days took place at PVE Piling & Drilling in Oosterhout. We welcomed a lot of enthusiastic visitors, and also a few journalists. This article (in Dutch) has been written following the Open days.
Largest leader highlight at PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs 

PVE 900 powers largest switch plug for windmills at sea

Renewable energy is getting more familiar in our society. That is why organisations are looking for different ways to generate renewable energy. There are various ways to do so, generating wind energy at sea is one of them. Tennet, electricity transmission system operator, is one of the parties with an extended infrastructure for offshore power supplies. In 2015 Tennet installed, together with Boskalis, the DolWin2 beta converter platform in the German part of the North Sea. This installation is the ninth main connection in this part of the North Sea and is the largest and most powerful platform in the world. 

Windmills at sea generate AC. AC is being collected at a collection point, in this case the DolWin2 beta converter platform. This platform converts AC to DC, which makes it possible to transport DC via sea. Whenever DC reaches the land, it is being converted into AC again.

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Bauma Conexpo Johannesburg great success for Dieseko Group

From September 15 to September 18, Bauma Conexpo took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was the second time Dieseko Group attended this fair as an exhibitor and it was a great success.
Bauma Conexpo 2015
Together with our dealer BPD Geotek Solutions we welcomed many customers and potential customers and we had the chance to showcase our innovative products. During the fair we handed over the ICE 815C vibratory hammer with ICE 600 power pack to our client Terrastrata.   
Herman Thuss, senior sales area manager of Dieseko Group: “We met a lot of high potential customers and the fair was set up in a professional way. We enjoyed the seamless cooperation with BPD Geotek Solutions and we hope to be present again during the next edition of Bauma Conexpo.”

DIESEKO GROUP BV Introduces resonance technique

DIESEKO GROUP BV will introduce the PVE Resonance Driver.
Vibratory hammers have been manufactured since the 1930's and, since then, they have evolved in just a few steps to the current models. From electric to hydraulic hammers, from low-frequency to high-frequency hammers and from fixed to variable moment hammers. And now, with the introduction of the resonance technique, it's time for a new step.

PVE RD260 resonator is a resonance driver

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Dieseko Group reinforces its international position with the acquisition of PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs

Dieseko Group, the Sliedrecht-based global market leader and manufacturer of hydraulic vibro equipment and power units is acquiring PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs from PVE Cranes in Oosterhout.

PDR -with a turnover of approx. €20m- is a supplier of pile cranes, drill cranes and hydraulic pile drivers. The company will continue to operate independently in Oosterhout, where assembly, repair & maintenance, service and sales activities are currently conducted. Dieseko, in turn, will offer additional production capacity, R&D and sales support from its base in Sliedrecht.

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Open House a great success

Dieseko Group celebrated its 40th anniversary last Saturday by organising an Open House. Ton Kraak (CEO) and Jan van Es (Managing Director) proudly mingled with over 1500 visitors as they discovered the very latest equipment, such as vibro hammers, powerpacks and piling rigs, which included the largest vibro hammer ever built: the offshore PVE 500M.

The high turnout included clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Naturally, there were also many local residents who took the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the company.

An international Dealer Meeting was also organised prior to the Open House, which meant over 80 dealers from nearly 40 countries worldwide were guests of Dieseko Group for three days. The Mayor of Sliedrecht welcomed and spoke to the international visitors and also congratulated Dieseko with its anniversary.

Dieseko Group would like to thank everyone for their visit and well-wishes. It was truly overwhelming to be the centre of so much attention.

Ton Kraak & Jan van Es

Pictures taken during the open day can be found on picasaweb.
Pictures in front of the greenscreen - Rest of the open house pictures

See the Dieseko Group 40th Anniversary Movie as it is shown during our Open House.

Dieseko’s PVE en ICE vibratory hammers hard at work in SAA road construction project

The Dutch Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere project is one of the largest road construction projects over the coming decade. The project focuses on improving traffic flow, travel time and liveability. Roads are repositioned with engineering feats including a second Hollandse Brug (A6) and an aqueduct (A1) to run underneath the river Vecht at Muiden.

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Pilot project has started: Vibratory driving of monopiles can cut costs of offshore wind energy

  • RWE Innogy, DONG Energy, EnBW, E.ON and Vattenfall conduct a one year onshore-test to validate the vibratory driving of large monopiles for the use offshore with support from the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) and the offshore supply industry.
  • Project aims to reduce costs, risks and noise emissions of offshore monopile installation in future European offshore wind projects
  • Test results likely to be available at the end of 2014

Conducting research and development projects can provide potential for reducing costs and installation time when developing offshore wind farms. Another promising project has started this week under the management of the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA), a world leading collaborative research and development programme to cut the cost of offshore wind energy: The offshore wind developers and operators RWE Innogy, DONG Energy, EnBW, E.ON and Vattenfall are running a one year onshore demonstration project near Cuxhaven on the German North Sea coast to validate the vibratory driving of wind turbine monopile foundations, in comparison and as evoluation to current impact driving of these piles. The potential benefit is faster and more environmentally benign monopile installation in offshore wind farm projects.
This article is published on
Essen,07 April 2014,RWE Innogy

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Dieseko Group appoints new Supervisory Board

Sliedrecht, 3 February  2014

Supervisory board experience in emerging markets will play an essential role in supporting international expansion

Dieseko Group appoints new Supervisory Board

Following the acquisition of a majority interest in Dieseko Group, manufacturer and global market leader in hydraulic vibratory foundation equipment, by private equity firm NPM Capital in November 2013, the shareholders elected a new Supervisory Board, which took up office on 1 February. The new Board is chaired by Louwrens Dijkstra (1955, photo) and otherwise consists of Wim van Aalst (1947) and Paul van Es (1950). Their wide-ranging experience in various offshore and emerging markets will enable them to advise the Dieseko management board on financing, strategy, product development and the international expansion of the company.

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New Year, New PVE 250M

In Sliedrecht the spectacular PVE 250M is almost completed. This new designed six eccenter Vibro Hammer is specially developed for driving large diameter steel casings, up to 4,550mm diameter. The small height of 2,330mm (without clamp system) reduces the total height of the casings and equipment.

Eccentric moment: 250 kgm
Max. Centrifugal force: 5,400 kN
Max. Oil flow:             1,300  l/min
Total weight: 22,300 kg
Dimensions L x W x H  5100 x 836 x 2330   mm

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NPM Capital is new financial partner for Dieseko Group B.V.

Private equity firm NPM Capital is taking a majority interest in Dieseko Group BV.
With NPM Capital, Dieseko would like to expand and perfect its range of products and services and strengthen the international (service) network via well-targeted acquisitions, among other things. 

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RF debuts in South West and North East China

In August 2013, under great public interest from contractors around the country, the ICE Resonance Free hammers drove their first piles in China. In Yunnan Province Lingye Foundation Engineering installed the 28RF for bore pile applications in sensitive areas; and in Heilongjiang Province Harbin Beifang installed a 20RF for sheet piling work close to existing structures in inner city construction sites.

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Fundamenta reported H-beam load test results in Santos (Sao Paolo).

At the building site Fundamenta compared hammering vs vibrating. The H-beam was driven with a hydraulic impact hammer of Mait and in the same area a smaller H-beam was driven with the HKV 1100 vibratory hammer.
After 18 days the soil was closed and a PIT-test (static load test) was made on both piles.
The load test proved the superiority of the vibrating technique. With a smaller beam the load charge is better and the soil is improved. Other positive points reported: less noise pollution during driving, easy penetrating and less ressonance.
Fundamenta is very happy with the results. Finally they have a proven method for driving beams without hammer blasting. In the urban areas of Sao Paolo the Variable Moment has proven to be quiet, fast and reliable!

Delivery of 750th Caterpillar Engine


The Caterpillar C15 - mend for an ICE 600 power pack - was festively received by Dieseko Group staff and management. On behalf of Pon Power Adriaan Mijnster personally handed over the 750th CAT to Ton Kraak and Frank Seegers (photo).
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Dieseko Group obtains ISO 9001 status

- ISO as icing on the cake -

Recently, the Dieseko Group was granted the ISO 9001 certification. With this certification, the merger of ICE and PVE has now been officially validated by the internationally recognized ISO quality standards.

Ton Kraak, CEO of the Dieseko Group BV, is very pleased with the certification: “For us, ISO is the icing on the cake, the affirmation that processes within the holding are implemented at best and widely supported. The merger has been completed!”

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