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ICE 416L renovates dams in France

In 2013, an agreement was signed between the French Waterways (VNF) and BAMEO to replace 29 dams, six in Aisne river and 23 in the Meuse. Three years ago Vinci Construction and its subcontractors started this prestigious project. The contractor agreed to finish the replacement of the dams within five years.

In both rivers, automatic dams are placed, equipped with inflatable membranes at the water. In addition to the 29 dams that are being replaced, two dams in the Meuse are re-commissioned. The network of dams is provided with turbines which are connected to a hydro-electric micro station. This contributes to the production of energy locally.

The foundation work for these dams is performed by the ICE 416L vibratory hammer, with a single and double clamp. This normal frequency hammer has a great pulling force and is widely used. Vinci Construction operates ten dams at the same time this year, which means that ten vibratory hammers are used simultaneously.  

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