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With four renowned brands, Dieseko Group represents over 45 years of powerful high-tech equipment for the global foundation industry. As part of the Dutch manufacturing industry, we are proud of our people, our brands and our customers who use our solutions in many applications. We want to share that technology with others around the world in order to ensure that our clients get the best equipment available.

Global Coverage

Dieseko Group is a global company with an average of 200 employees and five branches in China, USA, Australia, Brazil and the Netherlands. From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we serve the world market through an extensive dealer network. Our services include sale, rental, training, technical support, maintenance, overhaul and repair.

Innovative Foundation Equipment

Our vision is making our clients more successful worldwide through innovative foundation equipment and excellent service. The challenges in the field of foundation technology are to be able to work faster, less vibrations, quieter and more effectively. Increasingly, a critical environment or tightened regulations is the starting point for developing new solutions. Noise pollution, unwanted vibrations, safety and less energy consumption are the issues of our time. Dieseko Group wants to play a leading role in developing reliable solutions for all these issues.

Drive, Drill, Dredge. Our brands and solutions

With the brands PVE and ICE, Dieseko is the global market leader in hydraulic vibratory equipment. Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs offers dedicated rigs for piling and drilling. Bell Dredging Pumps is specialised in supplementary products, such as dredging pumps and amphibious excavators. Every brand has its heritage and is highly regarded in terms of quality, performance and reliability.


Sustainable entrepreneurship has long been an essential criterion for decisions in Dieseko’s business operations. The next step was already taken in 2018 with the agenda of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. A significant action was made in 2019, and a first report was published. And this year will be dominated by the further implementation of our CSR and ESG strategy with targets for progression year on year.

In 2020 a new report was published by MJ Hudson Spring. Dieseko Group is showing significant progress in its ESG program. In the report, Dieseko is committed on business integrity and many key material themes are completed. On social aspects, staff is the most precious asset and is talent management key. On environmental elements, the companies’ strategy is focused on sustainable foundation equipment innovations, e.g. zero-emission, less harmful vibrations, noise pollution reduction and remote diagnostics. We’re very proud of the achievements so far and ambitious to accomplish defined goals in the coming years.

Management & Board

The management and day-to-day management of the Dieseko Group consists of Dirk Smulders (CEO) and Edwin Ros (CFO).

In addition to NPM Capital, the management is also a shareholder in Dieseko Group BV.

Our brands

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